Swain could be the recipient of the next Ultimate skin.

If you happen to recognize my name, I am the guy who has made "The Next Ultimate Skin" threads, my most recent one, of which, can be found [here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/u2iyQ83m-the-next-ultimate-skin-part-3). In that thread, I suspected that Shen could possibly be the newest addition to the Ultimate skin line. However, now that Swain's VGU is out, there has been plenty of talk and rumors floating around about Dragon Master Swain. Even on the Swain reveal page, we had this line: "...but he has trouble sticking to enemies as fights **drag on. Master Swain** players should..." Now, you could say that this is Riot just being Riot. I mean, Cactopus *loves* crap like this.......yet, this line wasn't written by Cactopus. I forget who it was, but it was actually Cactopus on Reddit saying "I didn't do this, someone else did." And, just this past Thursday, we had this posted by the Riot Games Twitter page: https://twitter.com/riotgames/status/959124320487436288 Now, I have come to learn (just recently, in fact) that Riot likes to release teasers on Thursdays. Yes, this isn't a teaser for the next Ultimate, it's a meme gif for our previous one. The odd thing is though.......that Elementalist Lux was released well over a year ago. I can understand posting this gif on her 1 year anniversary..........*at the end of November*. There is no rhyme or reason as to why the *official* Riot Twitter page would post this...... ......unless the next Ultimate is *very* close......and by close, I mean 8.4 close. There is a side of me that wants to say that the timing is just.......off. When Elementalist Lux was released, its doubtful if Swain was even in ideation for his VGU, and it is very likely that the Next Ultimate started ideation only a month or 2 after Elementalist Lux was released, which is why we are very close to seeing the next one be released. But then, there is another side of me that wants to say that the timing is actually just right. We don't know when Swain began ideation, and we don't know how long it took to work on him. He went into full production when Urgot hit the PBE.......which means pre-production could have started months before that......right around the time that Riot would be thinking of who would be getting the next Ultimate skin. There are no rules that state that a champ could not receive a skin right after their VGU is released, and we have yet to have a champ that has had this happen to them (and no, Nasus doesn't count....that was a VU, not a VGU). However, with the amount of work that goes into a VGU, I find it highly unlikely that Riot would commit so many resources onto 1 champs........but then the counter argument to that would be it would actually make the next Ultimate skin *even* better, since you have the majority of resources from *TWO* teams being devoted to one champ. Dragon Master Swain certainly has the potential to be an Ultimate skin, especially with how he was designed (Ravens land on the terrain around him, he has wings come out of his back during his ultimate). It makes *SSSOOO* much sense.......as much sense as DJ Sona made when they made her! I can't say for certain that the next Ultimate skin is for Swain......I have my doubts.......but at this point, I don't think I will be all to surprised. -------------------- P.S. For those people wondering when I will make another "The Next Ultimate Skin" thread, I do plan on making one soon after the next skin is revealed. And, it will be a little different than what I've made in the past.
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