Run-down of the skins getting a splash art update for the Champion VU list

NOTE: This post is for Reav3 I'm making this in order to know which skins are getting a new splash art (this is for the list of champion VUs that Reav3 posted a while back) Here's the list (in no particular order): Nidalee, Trundle, Tristana, Sion, Miss Fortune, Alistar, Kassadin, Gangplank, Twitch, Fiora, Karthus, Maokai, Karma, Garen, Morgana, Sivir, Sona, Annie, Renekton, Nasus & Heimerdinger. Now I will make a run-down for each skin getting a new splash art: Nidalee - French Maid, Pharaoh, Bewitching, Snow Bunny and Leopard Trundle - Traditional, Junkyard and Lil'Slugger Tristana - Riot Girl, Rocket Girl, Buccaneer, Firefighter, Guerrilla and Earnest Elf Sion - Lumberjack, Hextech, Barbarian and Warmonger Miss Fortune - Secret Agent, Road Warrior, Waterloo, Cowgirl and Candy Cane Alistar - Black, Golden, Matador. Longhorn, Unchained and Infernal Kassadin - Festival, Deep One, Pre-Void and Harbinger Gangplank - Spooky, Toy Soldier, Minuteman and Sailor Twitch - Whistler Village, Kingpin, Vandal, Gangster and Medieval Fiora - Royal Guard and Nightraven Karthus - Statue of Karthus, Phantom and Grim Reaper Maokai - Charred, Totemic and Festive Karma - Sakura, Sun Goddess and Traditional Garen - Sanguine, Desert Trooper, Commando, Dreadknight and Rugged Morgana - Sinful Succulence and Exiled Sivir - Warrior Princess, PAX, Spectacular, Bandit and Huntress Sona - Silent Night, Muse and Guqin Annie - Annie in Wonderland, Prom Queen, Frostfire, Reverse and FrankenTibbers Renekton - Outback, Rune Wars and Bloodfury Nasus - Galactic, Riot K-9, Pharaoh and Dreadknight Heimerdinger - Alien Invader, Snowmerdinger, Piltover Customs and Blast Zone Am I missing any @Reav3? Now, here are my 2 questions for you Reav3. 1. Is there any particual Reason to include Morgana on the list? 2. Who else is on the list?
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