A Consideration of Who Morgana and Kayle Are

So... on the topic of Kayle and Morgana, I've spent inordinate amounts of time considering who they are, what they represent, and what they mean to Runeterra. I did so with the full intention of making as even an interpretation of the two of them as I can make and in a way I feel comfortable with. The Aspect of Justice is a Targonian ideal. It is rocksolid and encompasses all of what Justice means in Runeterra. Riot called good and evil relative and it's important that they did so because that means Justice is neither good nor evil. It doesn't have any innate morality, it is an ideal constructed solely by the collective conscious of the people of Runeterra. So what's left to consider are the different aspects the Aspect of Justice entail. Here, there are two clear ones. Kayle is the punitive aspect and Morgana is the rehabilitative one, that much is obvious and one *cannot* exist without the other. Justice ceases to be if one completely clouds out the other. Kayle would stop being Justice and simply becomes Tyranny, and Morgana, Anarchy. Both are evil in this sense. If Kayle gets her way with the city, evil doers will burn but so will innocent people. If Morgana gets her way, evil doers run free and innocent people suffer because of it. Kayle *neglected* Morgana and Morgana *neglected* Kayle, which means they are *both* wrong, and they know it. That is why they both begrudgingly want to reunite. They both chose to run from each other, in other words, and what results is chaos. Justice fails to be carried out, and that's why Demacia is experiencing such a crisis. The institution of Demacia is right in seeing the evil that magic can bring (the Rune Wars) but they are wrong in refusing to believe that good can come from it too. The same can be said for Kayle. She refuses to see that those who have done wrong are capable of doing good. Part of that is her own fault, but part of it is also inherently coming from the Aspect of Justice. Sylas is right in seeking change to Demacia but he is wrong in neglecting that magic can be used for evil. In Sylas' eyes, magic used even to kill and destroy is good. The end justifies the means, in essence, which is *wrong*. You don't kill people or destroy cities with riots because you have been wronged. Suffering does not excuse the cause of more suffering. Morgana fails to understand this as well. She refuses to understand that evil *exists* and that it is beyond her. Evil exists, of course, and we know that, but the nature of which it exists is what she doesn't consider. It consumes people. There are those who do evil simply for the sake of doing evil and Morgana is willing to sacrifice untold numbers of innocent people to uphold the worldview that people have an infinite capacity to become good. This is why Demacia is experiencing a crisis. It is an extension of a bigger problem between Morgana and Kayle. What is happening in Runeterra is a complete absence of the Aspect of Justice and it's already beginning to destroy the world as we know it. Justice in Demacia now only exists in one of two extremes, tyranny (the institution) and anarchy (the mages), and there is no sign of consolidation between them. So, this is what Kayle and Morgana need to do to fix this. It isn't as simple as making up and hanging out again as loving sisters. It's much deeper than that. Both Morgana and Kayle need to *become* each other. They both need to *completely* understand, inside and out, the purpose the other serves. Morgana needs to take a piece of Kayle and incorporate it into her view of the world and Kayle needs to do the same with Morgana. They both need *fundamental* shifts in their worldview which is far from easy. What remains to be seen is if they are capable of this. What is left is the Aspect of Justice itself. Does Runeterra even need an Aspect of Justice? My thought on it is that if we operate under the presupposition that good and evil are relative, then no. The Aspect of Justice does not need to exist. The world can descend into chaos where it's survival of the fittest and that's that. It isn't wrong to steal or murder, because what's right and wrong is just a social construct. There's no meaning to it. The only problem is, the existence of the Aspect of Justice means that Runeterra, for the most part, does *not* operate in a moral relativist view. In fact, the Aspect of Justice is Runeterra's axiom for good and evil. It acts as an objective standard for right and wrong, which makes the entire idea paradoxical. So to sort this out, I went back and rethought the process that led me to this conclusion. Riot explains that Runeterra operates under moral relativity, which means that the people of Runeterra decide what is considered to be Justice through a global culture of sorts. Meaning, there is a general agreement between Demacia, Noxus, Ionia, etc. on what Justice is. There might be some differences here and there but the Aspect of Justice is an aggregate of that. It is a collection that incorporates all of it. That is what brought the Aspect of Justice into existence. It is an ideal manifest into a physical form. An ideal that changes, which means that Kayle and Morgana's personalities can change if a large enough change in Runeterra's concept of Justice occurs. That's unlikely to happen, however, because no one questions the authority of the Aspect of Justice and as a result, it just ends up reinforcing itself. What does that mean? What if I question Kayle's judgement, for example? It is important to remember two things. One, the Aspect of Justice is *both* Kayle and Morgana, punitive and rehabilitative, and two, the Aspect of Justice is established as a *final* judge in all matters dealing with right and wrong. It is essentially the goddess of Justice in Runeterra, that which no one questions. I might question it, but the Aspect of Justice won't change because I, alone, questioned it. A criminal can think he was justified in killing a man who his wife had an affair with, but the whole of Runeterra thinks otherwise. As a result, I cannot change the Aspect of Justice. This standard means that the whole of Runeterra operates under an *objective* standard of Justice established by Kayle and Morgana. They would not change their criteria for judgement just because one person thinks the Aspect is wrong. It changes, but slowly, very slowly, enough that it hasn't changed since Kayle and Morgana were even born. It suggests that this standard is largely immovable, even through many Runeterran culture shifts as the centuries passed. Much like, for example, the Judeo-Christian God changed between the Old Testament and the New, albeit only through the course of thousands upon thousands of years. You might still argue that good and evil under this premise is still relative and I might agree with you, but Runeterra, for the most part, would not. As a result, Runeterra needs the Aspect of Justice because without it, people lose sense of how to conduct themselves much like how, if you remove God from the Abrahamic religions, those people would lose their sense of how to act, and live. The same goes for Runeterra. If you've made it this far, congratulations, thank you for humoring me for this long. I apologize for the insane wall of text but I hope you enjoyed listening to my considerations of Kayle and Morgana. Again, I would like to say that these are just *my* thoughts on the two of them and so you can either take them or leave them as you will. These are simply my considerations of the two of them and what their existence on Runterra means. Of course, I don't know everything, I wouldn't call my conclusions factual, and I operated under a lot of assumptions but my assumptions here are merely made to fill the gaps in what I don't know about the two of them or of Runeterra as a whole. Either way, thanks again for hearing me out, and have a nice day! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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