I wanna talk about league champion diversity (and I am prepared to be downvoted)

Because I brought an umbrella. Anyway, last week I binged watched the new She-Ra cartoon on Netflix, and by binged I mean I was up till 3AM watching all 13 episodes of season 1. While I'm not the intended target of the show (being a 25 adult male who is retaking classes in college), I tend to watch cartoons to appreciate writing and design, and I found the She-Ra cartoon filled with good characters in both design and personality. So what does this have to do with League of Legends? Simply put, diversity in cast. The original She-Ra was basically a collection of warrior Barbie dolls, which apparently was the case because toy molds were cheaper when you just had one. So all the characters had the same body type, but were differentiated by different colors and patterns of clothing. The new series doesn't have this problem, and it allows the cast of characters to be more diverse from the original show. I do not know, nor care to look up the backlash of this (because finals studying makes me depressed enough), but what I can say is that the cast is diverse. This is princess Glimmer for example, who as you can see has a bit more weight to her than you'd expect in a show like She-Ra (at least in the original). https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DosRzTCX0AAvIXt.jpg Now, league has had a problem with female diversity for a while, and while there are improvements ({{champion:163}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:420}} etc) there have also been some setbacks (though that's my personal opinion of {{champion:145}}). And I get that She-Ra and League have vastly different markets. One is targeted towards young girls, the other is targeted towards guys who like seeing women in Bikinis fling spells at each other (If this offends you, I apologize for my terrible humor). And while the gaming market as a whole is filled with many of the male audience that enjoys staring at Frost Irelias ass, that doesn't mean Riot cannot diversify the cast and showcase beauty in other body types. Both as a way to support diverse players, and to cater to players that like different body types (I'm talking about chubby chasers, etc. Yes I'm an ass). So would I like to see round women in league? Yes. I'd also like to see older women (old as in grandma, not white hair like {{champion:164}}). Short, tall, Asian, Carribean, South Asian, African, other parts of Europe that aren't France and Germany, etc, I would love to see more characters of these descents, but not made these just to fill out a checklist. One of the biggest problems of diversifying anything is that it can end up feeling like a special form to submit to corporate gods. Like having a black guy in the cast of a predominantly white show to make the show appeal to other viewers. These characters should instead be designed in a way that makes them fit well within their world without just filling out a checklist. Which is honestly not an easy thing to do, creators are people and sometimes they don't want to make a character a certain skin color. Not because they are racist, but because it wasn't what they imagined. Hell, I've been on and off writing a novel for years with a protagonist someone suggested should be asexual because I avoided addressing her sexuality throughout the story. So this was a ramble. I guess in the end, I'd like more diverse women in league. I'd ask for more men, but I already found {{champion:14}} so...no thanks, got mine!
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