Riot doesn't listen AT ALL to feedback (Confirmed due to Evelynn Skin)

Evelynn is a champion whom clearly has one of the most passionate fanbase despite it's size, however DUE to that size, it should be easier to manage. Evelynn currently has a ~~Lunar Reveal ~~ Blood Moon skin on the PBE and on the feedback post (, nobody likes it at all. One of the biggest request by just about everyone was her hair, and riot have for the most part completely disregarded it.. However a huge slap in the face has been added today in which they changed her hair color to an even WORSE shade of the color we DONT want. Is it a joke? are they trolling? Is it due to the ego of the skin artist? or are they just genuinely tying to force people off the game because it could be all of those. It's her first skin in years, nobody likes it. A few changes could fix it for the better by FAR but they're too stuck up their own a*s to listen to the people who will be spending money on it. What are they doing and why are they so intent on ignoring people.. The PBE is honestly useless. This has pissed of so many people for really no reason. We'd be happier not even getting the skin and waiting for a better one because it's not very good, and Riot in the past have scrapped skins. Listen to us or scrap it.... Otherwise what's even the point. Edit: I've pretty much decided that; as someone who owns every skin you can buy (Yes, really) and being an Evelynn main, i'm going to personally boycott the release if it goes out the way it is. i may be 1 out of millions but as someone so dedicated to both owning skins for collection and the champion itself, i want to make a point that this skin is 100% not ok.

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