What is the Most Interesting New Champion Thematic?

https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/017/463/360/large/m-ing-4.jpg?1556089318 In honor of the Riot sponsored VGU poll coming up. I have decided to make my own poll but for new champions since Riot can't be so open about that (spoilers and all that). On the boards you typically see the same handful of ideas for new champs get tossed around from time and time. You see them brought up by different users that there most be some mutual expectation of their eventual release. By far, the one I see the most (and my personal favorite) is the idea of a Darkin that isn't evil anymore and works in tandem with its host (aka not completely absorbing their psyche) in order to repent for its past crimes. Whether it's a male or female doesn't really matter too much to me, but people seem to want it to be female because we haven't got one. The other big one is Setaka or a female Shuriman Ascended due to how often she comes up in the lore and the abundance of Champions she is connected to (Aatrox, Azir, Sivir etc). There are a couple others I've seen requested on more than one occasion and I've also included them in the poll. So go ahead and vote so Riot can get some secondhand data without revealing what they are working on.
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