Lore Power Levels Revised: The Magus Tier

Salutations everyone! I’m KatarHero72, better known as Hyper10sion or “The Power Levels Guy” and I’m here with the Magus Tier here today. Due to changes and movements, this tier is now only *one champion* short of the Mortal Tier. A few moved up, a few moved down, and I have been convinced I’m not infallible. Oh yeah did I forget to mention in the last few lists that some of those movements weren’t my idea, but because others convinced me otherwise with sufficient evidence? Huh. Thought I did. Too late now I guess. Once again at the end there will be a section of *Limbo* for champions who at most could land in this tier. One more time, before we get started I would like to point out that only canon lore is considered. Cinematics are only canon if they are lore or individual champion related, so Twist of Fate and New Dawn are out. Fan theories and “potential” are not considered, but input from Rioters is taken into account, in context. Also the lore must be current, so Institute of War, lores contradicted by the updated bios, etc are ignored. Also I try to be as impartial as possible when making these, else Xerath would have been the mighty overlord of all creation. Alright here are the tiers again. **[The Cosmic Tier](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/JA6nFYMZ-lore-power-levels-revised-the-cosmic-tier)**: This tier is the cosmic level beings. The lowest level of power a being must have to be on this tier is the power to impact an entire planet. They are immortal, nigh unkillable, extremely powerful, and almost as old as time itself. Just to emphasize, the beings in this tier are stated to not be gods. **[The Transcended Tier](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/JrgHo5yc-lore-power-levels-revised-the-transcended-tier)**: This tier are beings with incredible power, either being a being that could single handedly destroy a city or do things beyond the normal realm of possibility. These beings are more than just a human physically, and can endure far more than an empowered human on the same level. They are practically immortal, or are very close. These beings avoid the Cosmic Tier by being limited in their scope, usually to a singular region of Runeterra. **[The Harbinger Tier](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/AAAnjtgt-lore-power-levels-revised-the-harbinger-tier)**: These are the champions with powers rivaling that of an army, or possess a non-combat ability of similar magnitude. Some of these would be Transcended Tier if not for human frailty or some glaring weakness, but are still extremely powerful. **The Magus Tier**: This tier is composed of the champions not quite powerful enough to be in the Harbinger Tier, but are definitely more than a physically exceptional human. Most of these champions have some sort of size, strength, or magical power that above that of what a mortal tier champion could typically match. **The Mortal Tier**: These are the champions that are still not slouches, but innately do not have power of a Magus tier champion. Most of them are merely skilled human warriors or rely on a weapon/mount for their power. A majority of human champions will be in this tier, along with a lot of your favorites. **Limbo**: These champions are more or less in flux. There is not enough concrete lore to officially rate their power, or they didn’t exert themselves at all so it cannot be rated. Seven champions occupy this tier, however none of the original four members remain due to help from Riot and directly from Rioters. Alright now that the list is out of the way I can move on to next tier, the Magus Tier, with an added Limbo section at the end.   #The Magus Tier **Subtiers:** *Aspect, Beast, Exception, Ninja, Sorcerer, Unnatural* ***Champions:*** {{champion:103}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:238}} ***Aspects:*** The “Aspects” of Targon are actually mortal avatars of the actual celestial Aspects. While they don’t have the full power of their corresponding Aspect, far from it in fact, they still possess quite a bit. Remember that other than the Aspect of Twilight, Aspects split their power across multiple avatars across the stars, so where someone like Zoe got everything but the garnish, the rest only got the table scraps. They all miss Harbinger due to lacking feats or durability to really merit going in that tier. **{{champion:131}} Diana, The Scorn of the Moon:** The last Lunari is as deadly as her jokes are unfunny. (Seriously she makes me actually seem funny and witty. Not an easy thing to do) She is the avatar of the Aspect of the Moon, and can channel this in several ways. She can fire blasts of moonlight that can char opponents, create blasts of energy in all directions, summon orbs of energy that can be used for offense and defense, and has superhuman physicality. She once killed an entire room’s worth of elders in a single attack, an attack that also sent Leona flying. Diana more than eclipses the necessary requirements for Magus Tier placement. See? Even my jokes are better than hers. **{{champion:89}} Leona, The Radiant Dawn:** When facing this tank of a woman, hope that you are only blinded by the light. Leona is avatar to the Aspect of the Sun, which gives her several light and fire based abilities. She can blind her opponents by radiating light, generate blasts of sunfire, and burst people into flame. She is extremely strong and fast as an avatar of an Aspect, but she is still human at her core. She is extremely powerful, but she falls short of the Harbinger Tier for lack of sheer power. Regardless, she shines bright enough to be Magus Tier. Can I move now please? No? Still CC’d? Well crap. **{{champion:80}} Pantheon, The Artisan of War:** This is what happens if Ares takes over Kratos instead of just commanding him. Pantheon is the combination of a mortal body and power received from the Aspect of War. Super strength, enhanced speed and durability, and skills of the literal embodiment of war. Despite being possibly the most brutal and feared of the Aspects, Pantheon actually is the weakest of the avatars on Runeterra. Even so, his raw physical prowess allows him to skyfall into the Magus Tier. **What is your profession?!?** Engineer, why do you ask? **{{champion:44}} Taric, The Shield of Valoran:** Fabio be damned we have our own shirtless dude with flowing hair. Taric is the host to the Aspect of the Protector, possessing several defensive abilities as such. Taric can fortify his defenses magically, heal himself and others, fire blasts of starlight, and render himself temporarily invincible. He survived the climb to the peak of Targon, walked into a war zone to save a flower, and was chosen by the Protector himself. While he isn’t truly invincible, he still shines enough to be Magus Tier. Pink fuzzy boots and too fabulous to be contained! ***Beasts:*** These are the inhuman monsters of Runeterra. Champions here have inhuman levels of strength, animal senses, or some other ridiculous power of the sort. **{{champion:12}} Alistar, The Minotaur:** You’d have to be pretty freaking stupid to run in front of this bull. Alistar is the strongest of the minotaur race, possessing immense strength and durability. He slaughtered an entire regiment of Noxian soldiers single handedly. A regiment is anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 soldiers, so Alistar killed *a lot of people*. It took talented hemomancers to take him down, and he still went undefeated in the fighting pits of Noxus. Because of his raw strength, Alistar gores the competition to sit atop the Magus Tier. Even if I could milk those, I doubt I would survive the attempt. **{{champion:150}} Gnar, The Missing Link:** If Gnar was a normal prehistoric Yordle, I’m glad for whatever caused them to go extinct. While he appears to be an adorable tiny Yordle, his anger turns him into the ferocious Mega-Gnar. Mega-Gnar can throw boulders, take down massive trees with ease, and cut large beasts down with a single strike. Another case of raw muscle, Gnar hops right into the Magus Tier. *GNAR SMASH PUNY GOD.* **{{champion:24}} Jax, The Grandmaster at Arms:** Well this is a turn of events isn’t it? Jax is a warrior of ancient Icathia, and is most certainly not human. Seemingly immortal, strong enough to wield a massive brass lamp post like a wooden staff, skilled enough to beat most any opponent, and durable enough to survive the Fall of Icathia, Jax possesses as much power as his unusual visage would indicate. Jax definitely has the brass to hang around in the Magus Tier. Now that the new rune is coming to help champs like Jax, I wonder if Hashinshin will stop bitching all the time. (probably not, always been a narcissistic prick lol) **{{champion:121}} Kha’Zix, The Voidreaver:** In the Void, no one can hear you scream. Kha’Zix is a living weapon and a nearly perfect predator. He can cut down large trees with a single swipe, leap several meters in one go, fire spikes out of his shell, turn temporarily invisible using adaptable camouflage, and gain the beneficial traits of whatever he consumes. Kha’Zix is possibly even more dangerous than the legendary Xenomorph he is based on from the *Alien* franchise, leaping into the Magus Tier. If Kha ever gets an ability where he gets another mouth in his mouth he will officially become my jungle main. **{{champion:96}} Kog’Maw, The Mouth of the Abyss:** The Void Puppy is a beast of insatiable hunger and acidic spit. He can eat almost anything he encounters, with no apparent way for him to stop being hungry. He can regurgitate whatever he eats, firing acidic projectiles, and use his own body as living artillery. Between his unusual Void makeup, offensive power, and bottomless gut, Kog’Maw takes a bite out of the Magus Tier. *Pug’Maw is his worst skin. I said it.* **{{champion:421}} Rek’Sai, The Void Burrower:** This is one landshark that would probably even top Ray Lewis. The Queen of the Xer’Sai, who are essentially land sharks of various sizes, with Rek’Sai probably being the largest. By my measurements, using The Terror Beneath to measure her against the height of a camel, Rek’Sai is a massive 30 feet, or 9.14 meters, in length from mouth to tail. This make her claws as big as a person’s upper body, her mouth big enough to snap a person's spine, and powerful enough to crash through stone. She has razor claws, an insane armored hide, and echolocation to detect enemies from long distances. With her power, durability, and ferocity Rek’Sai burrows into the Magus Tier. That ult is still one of the most satisfying/terrifying in the game. **{{champion:107}} Rengar, The Pridestalker:** A raging knifecat with a pention for surprise buttseks, Rengar is the greatest hunter in Runeterra. As a towering vastayan of the Kiilash tribe, Rengar has trained his entire life to hunt and kill. His insane biology makes him strong enough to cut his much larger father in half, leap at least double his height in a single go, see with 1/6th of the light required for a human, and survived a 1v1 encounter with Kha’Zix. Between his strength, insane vastayan physiology, and skill, Rengar poaches a spot in the Magus Tier. Now that he has been reverted maybe the Rengar will stop complaining. **{{champion:102}} Shyvana, The Half-Dragon:** Some women have a monster inside, some are the monster. Shyvana has the best of both worlds with the ability to turn into a massive dragon with her unique biology of human magic mixed with dragon lineage. In her human form she channels magical dragonfyre into her attacks and can even create a sort of field of flame around her. In her dragon form she is a hulking monster that can use her wings to soar for short distances, breathe fire, and amplify her strikes even more than in human form. With her dual forms and fire based powers, Shyvana blazes into the Magus Tier. Some people have fiery tempers, but Shyvana took that too literally. **{{champion:14}} Sion, The Undead Juggernaut:** Well I’m gonna be the big man here and admit I have been convinced since that I was wrong. Sion is a hulking mountain of a zombie infused with enhanced strength and durability due to the blood magic that rose him from the dead. As a zombie he no longer truly feels pain, he can use hit strength to its full potential, uninhibited by the natural “pain limiters” a living person has. His raw strength *barely* gets him in the Magus Tier from the top of Mortal. Now if only people would stop saying that because my ign is Hyper10sion that I main him. (*I DON’T*) **{{champion:72}} Skarner, The Crystal Vanguard:** When you have a scorpion the size of a military humvee, where else would he go? Skarner is a hulking crystal scorpion with claws large enough to chop a person in half, a tail spike as large as a man’s chest, and feet large enough to crush a man to death. He can cause crystal spires to erupt from the ground at will, impaling his enemies through. Between his size, strength, and durability, Skarner shines in the Magus Tier like a diamond. Holy crap he is actually meta again, didn’t think I’d see that. {{champion:48}} **Trundle, The Troll King:** Remember he is not a chief, but he is a troll king. Trundle is a crafty troll, far larger than a human. His massive size allows him to cave in the skulls of other trolls with his giant club, crush a human with one hand, and stand somewhere between 8-12 meters tall when standing straight up. His raw power alone would be insane, as the only champions bigger than him sit in the Harbinger Tier. Combining his ridiculous strength with his deceptive intelligence, Trundle subjugates the Magus Tier. I apologize for the original mistake of leaving Trundle off this list, the size difference in what I thought versus what the splash art shows was brought to my attention the morning after posting by the same person who helped convince me Trundle did not belong here. **{{champion:19}} Warwick, The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun:** In addition to having what is possibly the coolest title in League, Warwick is a monster in every sense of the word. Formerly a human, Warwick has been transformed into a freakish cyborg wolf man. He is strong enough to punch through a metal door that appeared a couple inches thick, leap great distances, and use his non clawed hand to cause that same metal door to cave in. He has the enhanced senses of a canine: scent, hearing, and sight. When he smells blood, the beast inside unleashes and he truly cuts loose. Strength, speed, animal senses, Warwick has all the necessary tools to fetch a Magus Tier spot. Seriously though best rework ever. ***Exceptions:*** While in most cases technology results in an immediate Mortal Tier placement, these champion get in because their technology is part of their physical bodies. Instead of just being able to knock them out and take their weapons, it would be similar to taking their arms or legs. **{{champion:53}} Blitzcrank, The Great Steam Golem:** Domo arigato Mister Roboto. Blitzcrank is a massive sentient construct of the brilliant scientist Viktor, and is made to last. His hands can fire out like a grappling gun, allowing him to effectively be an extremely strong living crane. He held up an approximately 7.75 US ton, 7 metric ton, multi-floored elevator that was full of people, can release energy as an electrical field, is considered to be nearly indestructible, and is actually remarkably nimble for his build and size. Blitzcrank grabs a Magus Tier spot with ease as one of its strongest champions. For the love of god just dodge the damn hook! **{{champion:164}} Camille, The Steel Shadow:** This is what happens when Connie Corleone gets giant blades for legs. The secret matron of Clan Ferros is a dangerous warrior and a inhuman amalgamation of woman and machine. She is a master martial artist, has massive blades for legs that she wields with surgical precision, hookshots in her legs that allow her to move around Zaun like Robot Spider-Woman, a hextech crystal heart that makes her effectively immortal, a hextech barrier that protects her from most attack magical or physical, and can create a electric field that contains all inside. I think the Gray Lady needs more justification for her to hookshot her way into the Magus Tier. I’m a legs guy myself but I’ll take a hard pass here. **{{champion:61}} Orianna, The Lady of Clockwork:** The being known as an Orianna was once a little girl of flesh and blood, but is now a clockwork marvel. Orianna herself is effectively immortal, durable, and an expert inventor of clockwork machinery. Her primary offensive power comes from her companion known as “The Ball,” who is programmed to respond to Orianna’s thoughts. The Ball can radiate energy, causing great pain or even death to those who mess with the mechanical masterpiece. With her immortality and the dangerous offensive potential of The Ball, Orianna dances her way straight into the Magus Tier. This is one woman who knows how to play ball. **{{champion:6}} Urgot, The Dreadnought:** Urgot is what happens when a Terminator bangs a Social Darwinist. A titanic cyborg of human muscle and chemtech weaponry. Urgot is a one man tank, quite literally given that his knee guns have a 216 mm barrel, almost twice the size of main cannon on a M1 Abrams main battle tank. He also has explosive chemtech grenades, a grinder with hookshots in his stomach that turns people into paste, and a 130 mm arm cannon, also bigger than an M1’s primary barrel. (all of my measurements can be seen in my Urgot post, I will link it at the end of the summary) Yeah Urgot is a one man arsenal with spider legs that cleanses the path to the Magus Tier. ***SHOTGUN KNEES*** **{{champion:112}} Viktor, The Machine Herald:** The master of the Glorious Evolution is one of Runeterra’s most complex and interesting individuals. He has replaced most of his organic parts with machinery, more advanced than the standard hextech or chemtech he is surrounded by. He is insanely intelligent, being not only the mind behind his own transformation but also the construction of Blitzcrank. His most powerful weapon I can 100% determine is part of him is his third robotic arm, which has a deadly laser attached to it. The laser combined with his genius and cyborg durability allow Viktor to occupy a spot in the glorious Magus Tier. If you haven’t read Viktor’s bio or story, do so. They are phenomenally written and show that Viktor isn’t a bad guy, Jayce is just a douchebag. **{{champion:154}} Zac, The Secret Weapon:** Zac is what you get if a man sized Flubber gets sentience. His anatomy itself is a weapon, able to expand and contract at will. Zac, or the Zaun Amorphous Combatant, is extremely strong, insanely durable, able to squeeze into spots no human could fit in, can heal others using his body, change his density, and absorb the emotions of those around him. This last ability gives him a sixth sense of sorts, allowing him to react and respond quickly to stimuli. Zac slingshots his way into the Magus Tier with no difficulty. *Let’s bounce noobs!* ***Ninja:*** The ninja of Ionia for the most part have special powers that make them stand apart from their non-magical counterparts. These three champions each have a special power that increase their potency as shinobi, either in the area of stealth or combat. They aren’t in Harbinger Tier due to not possessing power meriting the higher tier. **{{champion:85}} Kennen, The Heart of the Tempest:** This lightning mouse is actually usable, Nintendo should take notice. Kennen is a Yordle with the power of electrokinesis. He can empower his shurikens with electricity, surround himself with it so to move faster, fire bolts of lightning at enemies around him, and create an electric field around him. In addition to this he is highly skilled as a shinobi and is extremely fast without his lightning. With his sheer offensive potential, this little Yordle surges his way into Magus Tier. *Kennen! Use Volt Tackle!* **{{champion:98}} Shen, The Eye of Twilight:** The master of the Kinkou is a ninja of great renown. As the Eye of Twilight, he has a foothold in both the spirit and physical worlds, enforcing the delicate balance between the two. He is incredibly physically gifted, can teleport using the spirit world as a gateway, can cleave a man in two with a single swing of his sword, is among the most stealthy beings in the lore, and is a master martial artist. He carries two blades, one of Ionian steel, the other of arcane energy that can kill powerful spirits. His most notable achievement is teleporting into the Noxian court and fending off a wave of spirit invaders, however the exact number is unknown. His dual world presence, teleportation, and skill allow him to stand among the beings of the Magus Tier. *BELIEVE IT!* **{{champion:238}} Zed, The Master of Shadows:** I know ninjas are supposed to be like shadow, but I think Zed took this a little to literally. A master shinobi and fearsome shadowmancer, Zed is the leader of the Order of Shadow. He is the most powerful of the users of the formerly forbidden techniques, able to create clones that throw hard-shadow constructs, teleport between his clones, and imbue others with an explosive mark that will cause instant death. Even without his powers he is a master martial artist, in peak physical condition, and is an artist with a shuriken and his signature arm blades. His shadowmancy alone allows him to rise above the Mortal Tier and be placed in the ranks of the Magus Tier. Since Kayn came out, I think everyone forgot how edgy Zed really is. ***Sorcerers:*** These are your traditional magic users. Mages and Vastayans make up the entirety of this tier. These champions dodged Harbinger Tier due to lacking the feats to prove that they were powerful enough. **{{champion:103}} Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox:** Probably the most r34ed character in the game, Ahri is as beautiful as she is dangerous. Ahri is a vastayan, and specializes in soul based magic. She can command a person to do her bidding, sap the soul from up to hundreds in a single sitting, harness soulfire as projectiles that burn an enemy to their core, and heal herself by sapping the memories of an opponent. Combined with her vastayan physiology that makes her more athletic than a human of the same build, Ahri is the definition of Magus Tier. I’ll pass on a foxy lady joke. **{{champion:1}} Annie, The Dark Child:** This little girl is more than capable of murder. Fiery, burning, painful murder. Annie is a novice pyromancer with more power than she can reasonably control at her age, wielding fire without thought at times. She can generate blasts of flame with ease and give life to her teddy bear, turning it into a massive behemoth of fire and death. Annie is fairly straightforward and simple, but definitely has the firepower to merit the Magus Tier. Seriously though with as many issues as she has I wouldn’t put murder past her. **{{champion:69}} Cassiopeia, The Serpent’s Embrace:** Once a beautiful Noxian noble with a particular gift for underhanded political tactics, Cassiopeia has been turned into a beastial gorgon by an ancient Shuriman curse. She now is a mistress of poison magic, able to create clouds of toxic or acidic fumes at will, spit poison on her enemies, and fire blasts of poisonous energy claws at them. When she so desires she can turn her enemies to stone with her gaze, and then smash it with the powerful tail that is in the place of her legs. Cassio is another classic Magus champion, with all the right tools necessary to wrap up a spot in the tier. Don’t constrict me for that joke guys. **{{champion:202}} Jhin, The Virtuoso:** Sander Cohen eat your heart out. The serial killer known as Khada Jhin is one of the most twisted beings in all of Runeterra, doing unspeakable things to his fellow man. He is a master marksman and has some degree of magical powers, as he imbues his bullets and traps with magical energy. This allows them to do even more damage than a normal bullet or mine of the same type. He would be placed in the Mortal Tier if not for his magical potency, but as such he manages to shoot into the Magus Tier. **{{champion:43}} Karma, The Enlightened One:** As the a leader among the Ionian people, Karma is among the most spiritually in tune beings in Runeterra. Once a peaceful inhabitant of Ionia, she can utilize spiritual energy in her attacks such as spirit fire blasts, a spirit tether, and a spirit shield. Karma was originally in the Harbinger Tier alongside Ryze and Syndra, but I moved her down after some convincing from others caused me to move her down. Even so she is definitely powerful enough to be put into the Magus Tier. I honestly have no joke to make here. **{{champion:64}} Lee Sin, The Blind Monk:** Despite being one of the three blind champions, Lee Sin is a spiritually powerful martial artist with Daredevil senses. He can hear things normally inaudible to most humans, move fast enough to not even be scratched by a highly skilled opponent, snap a man’s neck with a single flat handed strike, and shatter a sternum with a simple stomp. His magical abilities are extremely potent as well, able to surround himself in a vortex of flame, imbue his strikes and movements with magical energy, and kick someone hard enough to shatter stone on impact. The go to jungler earns the Magus Tier for the combination of his magical and physical prowess adds to his offensive potential. Now if only people would stop picking Lee Sin on my team in ranked games. **{{champion:99}} Lux, The Lady of Luminosity:** Demacian mages are few and far between, but this young lady is among the most powerful forces the secular nation has to offer. Luxanna Crownsguard might be young and fairly inexperienced, but she packs a wallop with her light magic. She can use this light to make binding spells, shields, explosive blasts, and even a freaking laser that will fry everything in her path. Her light magic was even enough to dispel Nocturne, however this should be taken with a grain of salt as her magic directly counters his. Her raw magical might is so robust that she shines into the Magus Tier. Now *stop laughing*. **{{champion:497}} Rakan, The Charmer:** Always the center of attention, Rakan would have his own spotlight if he could. He is a bird vastayan and the lover of Xayah, and the former gives him innate magical powers. He can travel the battlefield in a flowing and athletic manner, moving in and out of harm's way with ease. He can use his vastayan magic to send opponents skyward, heal himself and others, and draw more attention to himself through lights and sounds. His vastayan biology and magical prowess allows him to make a grand entrance into the Magus Tier. Not going to make a joke about this guy because he is my favorite support. **{{champion:50}} Swain, The Noxian Grand General:** The former Master Tactician didn’t really move from his rework, thanks to Riot Jellbug for the confirmation of his placement. Swain is among the more powerful mages in Noxus due to his demonic left arm. He can fire blasts of eldritch energy, use demonic familiars for scouting, utilize demonic energy to sap the life force and souls of his enemies, and bind his enemies in place by their souls. The bird might not be the word anymore, but Swain still remains in the Magus Tier. At least he is still more relevant than post nerf Zoe. **{{champion:163}} Taliyah, The Stoneweaver:** Not as broken as a Stoneforge Mystic, but possesses a similar power-set. Taliyah is a geomancer, with the ability to move the earth and stone at will. She can pull stones from the earth and launch them, surf the earth, unravel it into spikes, create walls and domes of pure stone, and knock people skyward. Her power is very adaptable, being very useful for both offense and defense. Being an Earthbender definitely allows her to weave her way into the Magus Tier. Toph is still cooler though. **{{champion:4}} Twisted Fate, The Card Master:** Never bet against the man known as Twisted Fate, you’ll end up broke and pissed. The man formerly known as Tobias is a master of card based magic, able to throw cards that explode, cards that freeze an enemy on the spot, cards that have a small detonation, and ones that allow him to teleport sizable distances provided he has the time to channel his teleportation. There isn’t much to really talk about TF, as he is another one trick pony that happens to have a really good trick. That trick is enough for him to be dealt a Magus Tier rating. I’m honestly surprised Riot was never hit with a copyright suit given that they made a cajun card throwing mage. **{{champion:45}} Veigar, The Tiny Master of Evil:** Don’t let his size fool you into underestimating him, this little Yordle isn’t short on power. Veigar is adept in the arts of dark magic, able to channel it in a variety of ways. He can create standard magical blasts, cause magic to rain from the sky, trap enemies in a magical barrier, and utterly destroy something with his largest blast. Another case of a magical one trick, Veigar surprisingly meets the heigh requirements for the Magus Tier. Yes, that was a short joke. **{{champion:8}} Vladimir, The Crimson Reaper:** Remember, he is not a vampire, he is a *hemomancer*. In his updated lore, Vladimir is an ancient being who has lived since the early days of the Noxian empire. His powers as a hemomancer include blood manipulation, blood draining, a form of immortality, being able to turn into a pool of blood, and using a person’s blood against them. Vladimir almost got to Harbinger due to his newfound immortality, but he managed to bleed through the cracks, falling to the Magus Tier. Hey at least it wasn’t a period joke. **{{champion:498}} Xayah, The Rebel:** Edgy moody teen with attractive boyfriend stereotype. Xayah is a Vastayan, possessing magical power through her race’s connection with the world. She essentially has an unlimited supply of her feather knives, which can pierce through solid stone. She can also recall and redirect these feathers to create a storm of blades and death that will rip enemies to shreds. She went toe to toe with Zed for quite some time, and can take down several soldiers at once. Xayah has just enough magic to storm into the Magus Tier. If you have to threaten people who call you edgy, you might just be a little bit edgy. **{{champion:157}} Yasuo, The Unforgiven:** Okay so hear me out on this one, I will try to present this argument as thoroughly as possible. Even though most of Yasuo’s wind power seems to emanate from his sword, he is specified to explicitly know a wind *technique* unlike Riven who has wing powers due to her runic sword. By the nature of the tiers this actually gets him out of Mortal Tier. He can create mini-tornados, run faster using the wind, create walls of wind for protection, and use the wind to empower his strikes. Yasuo caught a bit of a backdraft and carried it all the way to Magus Tier. The mains are still toxic, stay out of my ranked games. ***Unnaturals:*** Like the Abnormalities of the Harbinger Tier, these champions just don’t really belong in any other tier, so they get lumped in together. They mostly avoid the Harbinger Tier for the same reason that the Sorcerers do, and avoid Mortal because powers are op. **{{champion:32}} Amumu, The Sad Mummy:** This is a Yordle I refuse to hug, I don’t care how sad he is. Amumu is a cursed mummy from ancient Shurima with a host of weird abilities. He can cry enough to fill a whole room, may throw his bandages like a hook, and make people decay with a touch. He is also apparently immortal, as he has been technically been “alive” since the days of Shurima. Between his extremely powerful death touch and his immortality, Amumu stays in the Magus Tier. I still will not be his friend, I don’t care. **{{champion:60}} Elise, The Spider Queen:** The matron of House Zaavan is a terrifying creature out of my worst nightmares. Once a beautiful woman, LeBlanc introduced her to the beastly Vilemaw, who turned her into a demonic combination of woman and hellspawn spider. She can create webs at will, produce venom that can completely paralyze a person, and turn into a man sized spider. This….thing swings into Magus Tier due to poison and anatomy. As if normal sized spiders weren’t bad enough. **{{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks, The Harbinger of Doom:** The master of the deadly *SURPRISE!* Fiddlesticks is a scarecrow of unknown origin, but known power set. He can slice them in half with a single swing of his giant scythe, channel wychfire to drain someone of their very soul and essence, and create a storm of crows that can rip the flesh off of those unlucky enough to cross his path. Between the wychfire and his crowstorm, Fiddlesticks makes his way right into the Magus Tier. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but this stick will just bisect you. **{{champion:420}} Illaoi, The Kraken Priestess:** With powers granted by the god of the sea and perpetual motion, Illaoi is more than meets the eye. She is the chosen priestess of Nagakabouros, and as such is among the most potent weapons against the undead. As stated by Rioters, Illaoi is the source of her power and her giant idol is merely a tool so to better focus it. She can summon massive spirit tentacles of her god, rip someone’s soul out, and carry around that idol with ease. Her raw magical power allows her to move into the Magus Tier from Limbo, without me even making a tentacle porn joke. **{{champion:35}} Shaco, The Demon Jester:** The Cutthroat Clown is a bit of an enigma in Valoran. Once a simple puppet, he was enchanted by dark magic and uses his dark powers to create demented mazes and toys that send his poor victims to their eventual doom. He only finds pleasure in the torment and misery of those he preys upon. While not much is known about the unbalanced clown, his dark magic origin and powers give him enough for me to trap him in the Magus Tier. Maybe Riot will rework him one day. **{{champion:23}} Tryndamere, The Barbarian King:** Right arm stronger than left? With a sword like that it is understandable. Tryndamere is the ruler of the Freljordian tribes of barbarian warriors who are considered a separate entity from the three major tribes. After his people were slaughtered by the Darkin Aatrox, the winged monster gave Tryndamere a sort of “rage power” that gave him increased strength and durability based upon his anger, getting to the points where he would survive seemingly mortal blows. This durability alone allows Tryndamere to spin into the Magus Tier. Lucky gun gets to be with Ashe while being a prime example of unhealthy design. **{{champion:77}} Udyr, The Spirit Walker:** A mixture of impressive martial arts and the power of several spirits, Udyr is another being with insane spiritual power. He almost made Harbinger Tier due to his avalanche feat against Lissandra as a child, but this doesn’t seem like it would have the same effect when not on a frozen mountain. Udyr can channel four animal spirits that give him flaming fists, stronger skin, enhanced speed, and increased strength. The sheer range of his power set and the avalanche feat were enough for me to put Udyr into the Magus Tier. Eh, screw it. *OPEN THE F@#KING GATES!!* ***Limbo:*** There are three champions in this set of Limbo, and will be explained in the summary. **{{champion:22}} Ashe, The Frost Archer:** The new short lore bios put Ashe in an extremely weird spot. It states that she is an Iceborn and taps into ancestral magics to wield her True Ice bow, but there is something it doesn’t say. What her lore doesn’t say is if the magical unlimited arrows and giant arrows of True Ice emanate from her own genetic magic or are just from the bow. If the bow is the source, then she is in the Mortal Tier. If she is the source, she is in the Magus Tier. Overall it is a debate I’ve had in my head several times, but I can’t definitively decide, so for the moment she will be in Limbo. **Range: Magus to Mortal** **{{champion:86}} Garen, The Might of Demacia:** I know what you are thinking, “Garen? The hell is he doing here?” I direct your attention to Legends Never Die. In that video, we see Garen pulling a large statue many times his size. The issue here is that I know almost nothing about said statue and that there are a lot of factors that can change where Garen is placed. Composition, whether or not the statue is hollow, and whether or not he has a movement aid all determine the ease of moving the statue. If the statue is at the heaviest possible, then Garen make Magus Tier with ease, but at its lightest then Garen is probably Mortal Tier. **Range: Magus to Mortal** Wow. I actually got through his summa ***DEMACIA!!!!!!*** ……...Dammit. {{champion:113}} **Sejuani, The Winter's Wrath:** In the same boat as Ashe, Sejuani is an Iceborn in her new lore, wielding a flail of True Ice that seemingly can freeze her enemies in the same way as Ashe's bow. She rides the massive war boar Bristle, and makes her people among the most hardy in all of Runeterra. Unfortunately I still can't conclusively determine if the ice magic comes from Sejuani's Iceborn status or her True Ice flail. **Range: Magus to Mortal**   Holy crap I am almost done. My wrists are freaking killing me from writing this massive document and doing the research to double check my placements and such. Think I missed or overrated someone? Talk to me about it in the comments. Otherwise guys I will see you tomorrow with the final list of the revised tiers, The Mortal Tier.

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