@Riot: Kayle, Morgana and the "Aspect Influence"

The Aspects of Targon are alien cosmic entities that infuse their chosen with part of their powers, memory and consciousness in various degrees. From what we know we have: - **Complete overwhelm of the host** {{champion:80}} - **Balanced sharing of consciousness and memories** {{champion:131}} {{champion:89}} - **Complete freedom** {{champion:44}} {{champion:142}} My question is where in this list put Kayle and Morgana as their birth and acquisition of ~~the state of being an Aspect~~ powers (as _Jellbug_ and _HalfTangible_ said) is rather peculiar. {{champion:25}} seems completely free of the Aspect control as her thematic and character are all about being close to her human part. {{champion:10}} fully accepts the powers and the "divine" vision of her condition but for as long as their Bios go, she too doesn't seem to have anything influenced by the consciousness of a foreign entity, she has a stern idea of Justice but it's still her's.
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