I really wish that Alistar, Fiora and Shen get a VO update soon.

All of three them got a VU/VGU and still don't have an updated voice over. Ashe, Trundle and Sejuani had a VO update at the same time they got their VU, and more recently Lux and Maokai received a VO update without getting any other update (Maokai's rework came after his VO). With Fiora's and Shen's VO starting to be a little bit outdated and Alistar's VO being already EXTREMELY outdated, can we hope to see (or hear) something new for them soon? If the Fiora's voice actress isn't available and you still want to keep the French accent on Fiora, I suggest you to ask to Chloé Hollings, which would IMO fit nicely to Fiora's voice.
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