This is kind of a stretch, but does Syndra potentially have the power to create petricite?

When Syndra uses her magic, ["the residual effects on the magic of the land around her are quite disturbing. Without understanding how or why, she is creating "magical fallout" that permanently (?) sours the spiritual energies of the environment nearby,"]( according to Scathlocke. She's not stealing magic from her environment, but she *is* causing some weird things to happen. In Ionia the land is so infused with magic that "souring the spiritual energies" would definitely cause many things to wither and die, but what about outside of Ionia? What if Syndra could use focus her magic into "souring" the land in a specific way? What if she could create null-magic-zones that blocked magic? What if someone read all of this and discussed it with me? [](
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