Something interesting about the Shuriman language

So I'm supposed to be doing an English project right now, which of course means that I'm procrastinating about it and looking at league lore stuff. But something weird came up when I was looking at rek'sai's lore. All of the void champs names are ancient Shuriman (too lazy to go find the post confirming that).{{champion:421}} Rek'sai's species is called the Xer'sai, and rek'sai is the name of an individual of the species. This makes sense, in the English language we have sort of the same thing, like bears is the general archetype while you can go deeper with something like grizzly bears or panda bears. But if we take another look at rek'sai's name, we can see a similar thing. She keeps the sai part from Xer'sai, while having the rek part indicate what type of sai she is. But if we took this as the rule, why would the Xer'sai have an indicator, Xer, in front of it instead of being just sai? Well, I was looking around when I noticed another champion had something very similar going on with his name, {{champion:101}} Xerath. It was kind of odd. But let's just pretend that xerath's name would be split into two parts like rek'sai. We would then have Xer-ath, with the front being an indicator and the second half being an species name. But that doesn't make sense, so let's call the second half the "family name". But why would Xerath have the same indicator that little void monsters have? Well think about it, the Xer'sai are smaller versions of their queen, rek sai. Xerath was a slave for most of his life. Maybe Xer could potentially mean lesser, or like smaller on a social status kind of thing. This is an made up ancient language, so it doesn't have to have an exact translation. So maybe Xerath was the lesser of the Ath family, or that was his slave given name. Also, maybe there are more versions of sai like maybe medium sized'sai or looks-like-a-cow'sai. But two other champs have this connection as well, {{champion:268}} and {{champion:15}} . Azir and sivir. Iet's split their names apart as well, az-ir and Siv- ir. Would you look at that, their "family name" parts are the same. It may just be coincidence, might not. But it's pretty strange that it would line up like that. The only champs I haven't been able to find an explanation for have been {{champion:75}} and {{champion:58}} . They have nothing similar to their names and renekton even has a three split name (re-nek-ton). But using this rule I did find a similarity between Nasus and rammus{{champion:33}} . (Nas-us) (ramm-us). What does this mean? Again, probably nothing. Tl;dr, I have too much time on my hands, shurimans have weird names, I'm gonna fail English because I spend too much time on game languages. Edit: Wow. I didn't think about the possibility of renekton changing his name or the applications of malzahar or Kassadin, and the other void champs. >.> Also skin idea: xer'ath, xerath but with rek'sai's model.
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