The Chembarons we know

Good evening, summoners. []( I was planning to make this thread here for quite a while, since I wanted to educate everyone about my colleagues in the depths of Zaun. Little is known in detail about them (you gotta understand, business secrets and all), but I still would like to give a rundown of everything that I was able to get to know about them. So without further ado, let‘s start. ________________________________________________________________________________ **Baron Marko Volkage** Current Status: Deceased Related Champions: {{champion:164}} His first (and probably last) mention is in the comic featuring Camille, [Severed Ties]( He had quite some ambitions, trying to get a foot in Piltover‘s high society by marrying the young Lady Sofia Arvino, who is most likely the heiress of one of Piltover‘s most influencial houses. Unfortunately for him (not so much for us other Chembarons), his plans didn‘t work out. A quick bladed kick marked his end. He had quite some interesting augmentations, among them little arm-like appendages, which were able to emit some kind of energy rays. Not able to overcome Camille‘s great defenses, but I guess it worked quite well against enemies which were not as…. well equipped. _______________________________ **Baron Saito Takeda** Current Status: Alive Related Champions: {{champion:154}} The Universe page has the following to tell us about this guy: >Takeda has made no secret of his disdain for his fellow chem-barons. Claiming lineage from an exiled caste of warriors from a distant land, he has plans far beyond his own territories and interests. We don‘t know much about these plans, except one detail. Saito Takeda was the one behind the creation of the jolly jumping jelly that we all know under the name Zac now. He was trying to create a weapon, a perfect warrior who could regen every wound and wreak havoc in the lines of everyone who dares to oppose Takeda. But two scientists discovered his plans and rescued Zac from that destiny, taking him with them to hide in the depths of Zaun, where they raised him as their own child. Saito Takeda is known for a „notoriously violent temperament“ and falling back on bloody gang warfare, things turned out as they had to. When he found the scientists who stole his „investment“, he sent his vigilnauts, which killed them, even if he ordered them to capture them alive. __________________________________ **Baron Crimson** _Appearance Unknown_ Current Status: Deceased Related Champions: {{champion:6}} He gets mentioned in Urgot‘s colour story, [Son of Ur]( It seems that he was able to afford some „newfangled kit“, meaning that he probably had some high quality chemtech augmentations. Since Urgot kills him with a cloud of chemtech, it seems that Crimson earned his money with exactly this. What his chemicals were exactly used for is unknown, though. ____________________________________ **Baron Voss** _Appearance Unknown_ Current Status: Unknown (probably alive) Related Champions: {{champion:6}} Mentioned in Urgot‘s backstory, she owned the place Urgot was imprisoned in for years, the Dredge. A chemtech mine that also functions as a prison, probably just a way for Voss to get cheap workers. She is also known as being an extreme sadist, she used to offer freedom in return for the confessions of a prisoner under torture. But this ended when she got her fingers on Urgot, who could just laugh about her petty tries to inflict any suffering in him. The Dredge prepared him well for this day. Urgot started a revolution, taking over the Dredge, making Voss flee, before Urgot finally was able to break out and start his rampage among the chembarons of Zaun. __________________________________ **Baron Wencher Spindlow** Current Status: Alive Related Champions: {{champion:19}} The Universe page describes Spindlow in this way: >Once a lowly lieutenant, Spindlow murdered his boss and took over his empire. Armed with a pair of shock-batons, he is a ruthless killer who sees murder and mayhem as tools of the trade. He also gets mentioned in Warwick‘s colour story, [If They Run]( Warwick is following a young girl, to find some criminals to hunt here. In the end, he also kills the lady, since he is not able to control his bloodlust. She was working for Spindlow, carrying a message for him. We also get told that Warwick encountered another employee of Spindlow‘s and took his leg. While Warwick probably encountered many chembarons and their servants, these are the only ones we definitely know of, hence why I listed him as a related champion. _________________________________ **Baron Velveteen Lenare** Current Status: Alive Related Champions: None Unfortunately, there is nothing we know about this fair lady, except what is written in Universe: >A chem-baron with many business interests in Piltover, Lenare deals mainly in research into golem technology. Her ravaged body was dying, so she had her head transplanted to a hextech-powered replacement. She visits Piltover regularly for fluid baths, and blood/oil transfusions. I hope that I can get some more intel here in the future. ________________________________________ **Baron Petrok Grime** Current Status: Alive Related Champions: {{champion:54}} Universe has the following to tell us about him: >Grime lost both his arms in an explosion at one of his chem-refineries. Despite (or perhaps because of) this, his chemtech stock is some of the most sought after blends. Additionally, he gets mentioned in Malphite's colour story [Root of a Poisoned Tree]( Some miners are sent out of Zaun to find something called "hexite" for Grime, which is probably an ingredience for hexplosives. But instead of getting the mineral they promised their chembaron, they found a friendly mountain called Malphite. _________________________________ **Baron Unknown** Current Status: Deceased Related Champions: {{champion:6}} We don‘t know the name of this poor guy, just his insignia and that he is a chembaron who gets killed by Urgot on his splashart. But I guess he has been a little fish compared to me and the other people mentioned in this thread here. ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ **Baron Artega Holt** _Appearance Unknown_ Current Status: Unknown Related Champions: {{champion:28}} (PRE REWORK) This one is a special case, since Holt got just mentioned in **outdated lore**. Not too long before her rework, we got a story about Evelynn, [The Shadows Beckon](, in which she offered her assassination skills (she used to be a professional assassin) to Saito Takeda, who wanted her to kill Artega Holt. But even if this lore is outdated, he got mentioned as a baron in the past and therefore I will include him in here. Maybe he will become relevant again in the future. _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ These are all the chembarons we currently know (except myself, but I will be damned giving you guys any intel on me). But we are not done yet, I can also share some chembaron insignias! Every chembaron has his own symbol representing them. Unfortunately, the only examples we can get our hands on right now are the insignias of deceased chembarons, shown in Urgot‘s splashart. We are just able to recognise one of these insignia, the one that gets burned in his flesh in that exact moment. It is the sign of the same unknown chemaron who gets killed in this splashart. **_I may change this section here to give a more detailed view of these insignias in the next days_** _______________________________________________ This is all. I hope everyone knows a bit more about the people running Zaun now and how they get killed, hunted, and mutilated by several champions. I hope that a chembaron will join the champions on Summoner‘s Rift soon, we are not just prey. We are powerful, we are intelligent. It is time to remind everyone of this. GIVE. US. A. CHEMBARON. CHAMPION. RIOT!!!!!!
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