With music being a constant in legendaries dance emotes...

Excluding skins without a music obviously, there are some skins with a dance music, but the volume is too low to be heard, and it feels akward. Here's a list of skin who could have a dance music volume tuned up. **Legend:** +++ (Toned up, the sound is very low) ++ (Toned up a bit, you can hear the music but it could be a little louder to match the others) + (Toned up a very little) Odyssey Kayn: ++ (expecially the initial part) PROJECT Vayne: + Pulsefire Caitlyn: + High Noon Lucian: +++ (a friend that plays this skin a lot never heard the dance music) Infernal Nasus: ++ (Expecially during R) Battlecast Cho'Gath: +

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