Pantheon was step in the right artistic direction Volibear is not! If this artwork represents new model for Volibear I think Riot is making another anatomical nightmare. Yes, he does look cool. But now take a closer look below his waist. His legs are both SHORTER AND THINNER than either of his arms. For real Riot? I thought we learned something in the past 10 Years. Imagine him running at you. This is how I see it: For real, I can somewhat accept that Mordekaiser needs such an appearance due to his mace, animations and all that jazz, but if this is a champion that is going to keep running towards the enemy team it will just look bad and comical to me. Pantheon was a step in somewhat the right artistic and anatomical direction. Please don't add more babylegs to this game. Ty. Edit: Yes bear legs are shorter than their arms in some species. But they are not disproportionate like they are in this artwork. I could put 3.5 of his legs in one of his arms.
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