So Riot - we vote on 3 Tristana skins, but don't get to vote on Ivern's completely random ass skin?

Tristana has a LARGE skin library. Basically any of those 3 skins would have worked for her because they appeal to different people for different reasons, but there are other options for those who's choice didn't win. Either way, no one is dramatically let down if their choice didn't win. Then we get to this new .... Ivern .... skin. Dunkmaster. A concept so far removed from Ivern's thematic that it should be in another game entirely. It's Mordekaiser to what Maokai is. It's Jarvan IV to what Swain is. It's A COMPLETE deviation and dramatic off course from who Ivern is, and it makes 0% sense on him. He doesn't dunk. Hell, he doesn't even come off the ground except to skip. Yes, SKIP. Like a child on a playground. Which apparently you confused with dunking on a basketball court. Why didn't you just pick a Tristana skin to make and roll with it, and let us vote on an Ivern skin? Words cannot describe how utterly disappointing and wrong this Ivern skin feels. Not even the failed Sewn Chaos skins felt like this. Send it back, we want more options. This is just wrong.
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