How to be seen as a writer by riot?

I’m an aspiring writer at the moment,I write fiction because it’s what feels right for me but I also love to make my own stories. I’m just wondering do people actually want to see some writing because I get the feeling that most of the people in the community want fanart? I really enjoy the league universe and I find it filled with space to create, I would just like to know if people would want to see some stories about their favorite champions that are fan made or if they find it boring if it’s not coming from Riot directly. I’m passionate for fiction and I love it dearly but I really want to do something for the community and not just for the people who read my writing on fiction site. I won’t give up even if the answer is no,I find twitter to be a good place to start. I’d appreciate some advice if there’s any. Thanks in advance ^_^
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