There needs to be an option to mute enemy Auto attack sounds and dialogue.

its just way to annoying when you lane against a champ with their legendary skin. such as, star guardian {{champion:103}} and all you can hear in the laning phase is " boop, boop, boop , boop, boop ,boop" HER AUTO SOUNDS ARE JUST TOO FRUSTRATING. This goes for other champs of course such as God king {{champion:122}}, God king {{champion:86}}, Gun goddess {{champion:21}}, pulsefire {{champion:51}} and many other more. I just tend to find ahri the most annoying one since i'm a mid lane main. And legendary skins specifically have the auto voices and ability voices louder? i don't know why, more attention so player can buy them i guess. I understand that abilities obviously need to have sound so players can react to them, but the goddamn autos man they are just too loud and if i tone them down in settings it will decrease my own champs _normal_ auto attack sound and many other important in game sounds. And as for dialogue its also annoying and frustrating to be playing against a pulsefire {{champion:51}} and hear, "headshot", "time to run", "You only get one shot", "Ah, ah, ah..." "Thinking you have more time is the sweetest bait.". And if i try to tone down voice in setting it tones down my own champions voice as well. Honestly, its just way too annoying and intimidating to hear these stupid dialogues that piss me off. honestly it gives the opposing player an advantage. it just tilts me. like cool dialogue, good for the people enjoying the skin. but for me, I don't wanna be forced in to hearing these dialogues and interactions. I just want to be able to mute enemies annoying **unnecessary** Auto atttack and dialogue sounds while still being able to keep mine. muting enemies only mutes them in chat sadly and not their champs voice as well. so maybe change that? this goes for muting enemy emotes as well.
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