Mordekaiser looks amazing but wheres the Metal references?!

Mordekaiser Abilities | League of Legends
Mordekaiser's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage. After three spells or attacks against a champion, Darkness Rise deals damage to nearby enemies and gives movement speed until Mordekasier is out of combat.
so ive been a huge fan of mordekaiser since i ever found out about this game. i think the main thing that really pulled me in to falling in love with him was how he was essentially a Metalheads dream! every ability and passive was based after a metal song. Mace of Spades(Motorhead) Siphon of Destruction(Megadeath) Children of the Grave AND Iron Man(Black Sabbath) and Harvesters of Sorrow(Metallica) now i might be alone on this but i found the ability names to be very......basic. like not even just the fact that they arent references but its the most basic of names you could give any dark champ. but for me i just dont understand why they couldnt have just given him more reference puns even if they were more obscure. that way the average person would just see them as ability names but the metal community that rito has clearly given lots of fan service for(2 full Pentakill albums, 6 skins and already had loads of references throughout the game) would totally understand! i know most people dont really care about ability names and im sure theres people who dont care regardless, but either way it was just something i noticed and im gonna miss about old mordekaiser
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