Something amiss with Aatrox's design/model

In Aatrox's champion trailer there's quite an emphasis on Aatrox's *ahem* posterior. It was center frame often enough that It almost feels intentional. ~~I can't take the credit for noticing though tbh - you'll have to thank my friend and fellow connoisseur of league hunks, Malicious Metal, for that. I prefer Aatrox's abs myself.~~ In any case these shots make Aatrox's behind seem way more pronounced than it is in game. Seriously it's like a plank of wood. I don't want to say this trailer is misleading or false advertising _but_... (hehe butt) he could seriously use a little more curvature down there, that much is for certain. Monster loving is IN right now, Riot Games, it's IN - you should see how popular Venom is on places like tumblr and twitter right now. ~~In fact check out how popular Aatrox has gotten on tumblr and twitter in the time since you made him a hunk.~~ I'm not saying you gotta make this man dummy thicc, we don't gotta go full Irelia here, but give the monster lovers a lil' somethin' somethin' y'know? TL;DR Give Aatrox a better butt, right now he basically has NONE and its sad. ~~P.S. I'm sorry to inform you that I'm actually at least 50% serious.~~
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