Age old question: Will we be recieving reskins of Summoner's Rift for Harrowing/Snowdown Showdown?

I believe the last time the Harrowing/Snowdown Showdown map skins were last used were in 2011 (I remember playing on them in 2010 and 2011), and I know they were waiting for the new map to be done before releasing any reskins of Summoner's Rift. Now that the Bilgewater event has passed and we got a reskin for Howling Abyss during the event (it was an amazingly well made map, kudos to the art team) and The Harrowing is the next large event, will we be receiving a spooky version of SR this year? Even a darkening of the map (like when Doom Bots were in) would be pretty cool. Another question, will we be receiving a huge event for The Harrowing? Tl;Dr, Will there be reskins or at least a darkening of Summoner's Rift for The Harrowing/Snowdown Showdown this year ? Also, I know you're tired of hearing this question a lot, I just love the holiday/lore events that happen and how they affect the game aesthetics.
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