Garen's in denial.

{{champion:59}} :"Hey Garen, about that magic thing..." {{champion:86}}:"TAKE ME TO HIS HOME, I SHALL SLAY HIM." {{champion:59}}: "No, its not that. We.....we need to talk." {{champion:86}}: "Huh?" {{champion:59}}: "Look, I get that Noxus used magic to ruin us a long time ago, I get it." {{champion:86}}: "What is there to discuss? Magic is horrid." {{champion:59}}: "Honestly, that was a long time ago, and I think magic would be of great us-" {{champion:86}}: "WHAT SPY HAS BRAINWASHED YOU." {{champion:59}}: "Noone has brainwashed me, relax. It's just, Lux came home with singed gloves." {{champion:86}}: "She fought fire-mages, the bastards." {{champion:59}}: "She went to pick herbs 40 feet away from Demacian walls. And it's been raining for the past 3 days." {{champion:86}}: "....maybe lightning struck her hands." {{champion:59}}: "I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I'm here to talk about _you_." {{champion:86}}: "Huh? {{champion:59}}: "Look, you're a great soldier, but I think you're in denial." {{champion:86}}: "What ar-" {{champion:59}}: "You can cast magic." {{champion:86}}: {{champion:86}}: "Preposterous." {{champion:59}}: "I've seen you get 4x faster in combat while glowing with golden aura." {{champion:86}}: {{champion:86}}: "The sun reflected off my armor." {{champion:59}}: " night?" {{champion:86}}: {{champion:86}}: "...Full moon." {{champion:59}}: "....well, what about the big elephant in the room?" {{champion:86}}: "....uh...." {{champion:59}}: "_You call out a golden sword as big as galio to smite your enemies, which then disappears immediately after they get charred._" {{champion:86}}: {{champion:86}} : " meteors. I swear."
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