I have to give Riot genuine props.

So, I was watching a new gbay video yesterday. It's about an hour and a half long about everything he LOVES in League of Legends. I wanted a video to fall asleep to so I took of my glasses and kinda watched a bit. But you know what? I could tell what characters were fighting in the footage. I'm blind as a bat without my glasses but I could recognize Riven by the angle at which she swings her sword, vs Lucian by the afterimage on his dash and the way he walks and runs. Like, I'm able to tell my attacks, models, and even basic movements who's fighting who. Riot has always had the "Sword Swing" Philosophy where if you give every champ a sword they'd all swing it differently. And they do. Riven smashes and swings while Yasuo slashs and stabs. Every character is so unique and different and their moves look different and their models are unique and even just looking at a character I could guess some of their mechanics. They did a great job with their philosophy, and integrating gameplay with story and personality. Good job, Rito.
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