Some thoughts on how Talon got his name and his connection birds, owls to be exact

Looking at the roster of our league, out of 144 champions, only five of the human-come champions doesn't use their name or surname. These 5 being {{champion:4}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:82}} * {{champion:202}} {{champion:4}} They do have real names but use their stage names. Jhin's is unrevealed and probably never will, while TF's is Tobias Foxtrot. * {{champion:82}} He's getting a rework so we'll see why he was named *Murder Emperor* and called as such. * {{champion:36}} {{champion:91}} Their names were given by other, unrelated people. ##But there is a clear diversion between them. Mundo doesn't have a meaning in English, while Talon does. When you have a name that has a direct meaning it means you are connected to it one way or another. This would be called fate and a nice thing to add if the character was born with it. But if it's given by others... It means that character has earned it. Now let's ask and answer these two questions: #***What did he do to get this name and who gave it exactly?*** What did he do exactly to be named Talon, a bird's hunting tool? Their feet and weapon? It is clear from his bio that he acted like an animal. > He carved out a dangerous reputation on the brutal streets of Noxus, where he was forced to fight, kill, and steal to survive. There are three possible candidites that could've named Talon, they are: 1. Kavyn. If he is still canon in someway, he was the only thing he had that was close to a friend. The only human he kept close. They lived together for quite a while so it is possible that Kavyn called him *Talon* because of how he behaved or moved, acted. 2. The Assassin Guilds. They were after Talon because of his talents, but since he didn't have a name it's quite possible they just gave this codename. 3. General Du Couteau. Maybe he did not only give Du Couteau surname to him, but his name as well? Again, it can be because of how Talon acted and performed. Now to the part where Talon performs like the birds and gains his title. And I think he has some very strong resemblances with one bird type, owls. #What did he do for people to name him after birds? * Talon usually wandered above. The buildings, walls, trees etc. He was above the humans in streets. * I think aerial assassination can be another reason. The guilds were sending people for him, it is possible for Talon to start by an aerial attack to his unsuspecting assassins. Like a bird, he dives from the sky and kills his prey with his talons. * In a narrative sense it is poetic to give him a bird relation because while their total freedom is what makes birds birds, he refuses it to search General Du Couteau. Also stabby stabby, knify, sharpy... Talon was given because of these, but we can do so much more. The connections I can think of to usual birds is this much. But I've watch some documentaries on ***Owls***, and I have seen many similarities. #What does Talon have in common with Owls? Here are the Owls' skills and how I compare them to Talon: ##1. Silent Flight, they fly silently then most of the other birds because their wings are much bigger compared to their bodies. They usually just glide in the air with little wing movements. **We can compare this to how Talon moves and acts quietly as it says in his bio. Going in, completing his mission and getting out without raising a single alarm. Also if his knife cape can be made to a good use, gliding in air seems like a good thing to do.** ##2. No emotions, only instincts. Birds really don't have emotions, they are not attached to anything. **General Du Couteau wanted Katarina to be a killing machine without emotion but he failed. Since from what it seems Talon is his replacement, I expect him to be like this. At start at least, after General trains Talon.** ##3. They dive facing down, put their talons facing towards their prey at the last moment. **A perfect example for an aerial assassination.** ##4. Owls hunt in the night using their night vision and good hearing abilities. This is what seperates them mostly from the other birds of prey. **It is much better for an assassin to act at night, Talon wears blueish clothes to camuflage in the night sky. He hunts in the night.** ##5. They can't hunt at rainy days because rain makes it impossible to track sounds. **Talon definitely hated rain because he didn't have a shelter, who knows how many children died of sickness because of rain?** Edit: Here is my favorite documentary about owls out of the ones I watched, definitely reccommended! (Don't mind the weird title) #Ooooor you can just claim Talon doesn't mean bird's claw in Noxian language and this post is nothing, like Talon's lore {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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