Zilean skin missed opportunity?

This is just an idea for a zil skin that coulda been pretty sick. Im a zil main. I love him but clearly rito, not so much. going on 4-5 years since a skin release for my guy. I got to thinking about what could be a cool skin since they said they would be giving him one this year and i thought that a Haunted Zilean would have been pretty sick. His (Q) - Throw a jack-o-lantern on the target and it creates a pentagram on the area of effect around it with 1 candle at each point. slowly lighting to show the time until bomb detonates. when the last candle ignites the jack-o-lantern explodes or lights up. -If he lands a second bomb on target triggering the stun then it automatically lights up the candles and the Jack-o-Lantern and the candles go out to show the indicated time until it explodes. His (E) - To speed up an ally have a ghost or spiders on the ground behind them showing like they are running from it. Kinda like an old scooby doo cartoon style. Like Zombie brand run animation. - An enemy slowed by the ability could have the same thing but in front of them like taunting them. could even be like spooky nocturne scaring them. His (R) - As the ult is cast show like bandages swirling around the person in question and if they die it looks like a mummy being resurrected. His Passive - Could just be a greenish recolor to look spooky like. I would gladly drop 15-20 bucks on this skin. But all in all i just want the next zil skin to be good. Not just some crap valentines day skin or chroma. I have faith that riot will give him a good skin this was just in my head thats all. What yall think?
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