@Riot - Kassadin and Malzahar, their stories lack substance together

Riot, I wanted to discuss your new lore for Kassadin and Malzahar. Somehow, Kassadin leaves, then returns home to find his home sucked into the void, and his family gone. Then years later, he hears about Malzahar the prophet and his cult, and instantly determines that he must have been the reason and so creates a personal vendetta against him. Mind you, Malzahar has never met Kassadin at this point, he's just roaming the desert spreading the gospel of the Void. This "connection" between them is utterly weak. It has none of the substance their old lore has, where Malzahar attempted to goad Kassadin into becoming his protege by hurling his daughter into the Void to force him to go into the Void. Their new story has as much impact as a scenario if my dog goes missing and I hear that Maybelline makeup got in trouble for animal testing so I go on a rampage against the CEO of the company. There is no substance to the new story, and you stripped an interesting relationship of hate between the two men in lieu of a very loose connection based on rumors Kassadin heard. Your lore team is supposed to be updating the lore and making it fun and interesting, not diluting it and making it as vague as possible while still expecting us to connect and enjoy the hero-enemy relationships the characters had in the old lore.

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