More skins per patch pls

Honestly this is a huge issue. Right now per petch (every 2 weeks) we get 3 - 5 skins. Which is NOTHING. There are 140+ champions in the game. You can see why 3 - 5 skins is far too little. The whole philosophy about skins is shit, plain and simple. Here is a breakdown of it: - 3 up to 5 skins per patch - Some champions dont get a skin because of that - When a champion finally gets a skin, they dont get another one for months or years - Skin releases are determined by play rate. Each one of those points is BS. You should make more skins for every champion, regardless of play rate. And when you give a champion gets a skin, dont leave them for unspecified amount of time. Let me give a few examples here. This of Cassiopeia, after so many years without a new skins, she finally gets a new skin in 2017 ...... its 2019 and no new Cass skin, WTF ? What about Ivern ? Since release, he didnt get a new skin at all, just because his play rate was low and he was not very popular..... Put yourself in the shoes of someone who plays 1 champion, or 2 or 3 champions. Lets say you are a play who plays Sivir, Aatrox and Pyle. Now you got the new blood moon skins, YAY....... but when is the next Pyke, SIvir and Aatrox skins ? Probably years away...... thats fucked up. Personally I like all champions and play all champions. I need more skins. Its one of the things that keep the game fresh for me. Pls start pumping new skins out rapidly. 10 - 20 skins per patch is ideal. Also dont be afraid to release a skin for the same champion next patch too. For example : Vayne and Seju. They are getting news skins in a few days, dont be afradi to give them another one next patch too. Dont leave 1 tricks hanging. Also Ivern, A Sol, Ornn etc ... give them mroe skins too. Also before I forget, this is rare but .... there are champions who's default skin IS BETTER THAN THE REST OF THE SKINS !!!!!!!!! For exmaple Syndra. Her default skins is 10000000 times better than the rest. The other skins make her feel super weak and hardly even match her. Just release more skins PLS !!!! Thank you.
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