Some of the things Vel'Koz says

Make me incredibly curious about what the average Void creature is like. While The Void has always been a vague alternate world full of darkness and weird monsters, we've never gotten much in the way of specifics save for what we can glean from Void Champions. Vel'Koz, being a talkative 'scientist' just happens to off-handedly mention some _really_ interesting things. {{champion:161}} "Endoskeletal. Quite peculiar." Having an internal skeleton is apparently highly unusual in the Void. But... {{champion:96}} explicitly has one, visible when he explodes after death, and {{champion:31}} probably has one as well based on his body structure and the whole growing thing. Cho and Kog are weird even to other Voidborn it seems. {{champion:161}} "Human melting point remains... inconsistent." Apparently, most Void species melt at a consistent temperature as though they're only made of a single type of material. {{champion:161}} "Creature's mewling _increases_ during dissection." First off, Vel dissects things alive and without anesthesia. Fucking brutal. Second; Void creatures either don't feel or don't respond to pain, evidently. {{champion:161}} "I miss the darkness of the Void." "The sunlight here is harsh." The Void is dark, we knew that, but the second line is the one worth noting. Vel isn't complaining that there's a sun, he's complaining that this particular sun's light is harsh. Presumably he's seen one before. Does the Void have a sun of some kind? There's a lot to pick through and theorize about here, and it'd be great to learn more about the Void.
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