Vastaya humans vs Vastaya inhumans

I had an idea in light of the recent discussions of Neeko's character design, it being more humanoid similar to that of {{champion:103}} {{champion:497}} and {{champion:498}} opposed to being more inhuman/ animal-like similar to {{champion:107}} and {{champion:62}}. Personally I don't mind Neeko being of the former, and I think the "she's a Vastayshai'rei" argument is a weak one, because making her design more animal-like still does nothing to distinguish her from **regular vastaya** such as Rengar. The "she can shape-shift hence she more human now" argument, while more reasonable it is equally as flawed. From what I gathered the main difference between Neeko and the regular Vastaya are her shape shifting abilities and the presence of flower petals on her head and tail, but I digress. **** What I want to suggest is that if you really want a "Chameleon Neeko", we petition to have Riot create a more "Chameleon" version of Neeko that can be toggled between that and her humanoid form, her being a shape-shifter it would make sense if she canonically had multiple 'original' appearances. Perhaps it just changes her face and some textures, but if you really want to see even a slightly more chameleon version of Neeko its worth the discussion imo.
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