Star Guardian Syndra is a wasted potential --- I mean just look at these little guys (guy?). Isnt he like the most freaking cutest amazing thing youve ever seen? Damaging enemies by making faeries pop up beside them; how cool is that? Not to mention that bubble SFX that comes with it. Yet Syndras "My potential is limitless" super lame snobbish VO completely ruins the theme. Why waste the potential? Why not make this a legendary skin? Why does it have to be Ahri again? Syndra NEEDS this to be a legendary skin. Its her calling. --- --- This is Yuiko Kurugaya from Little Busters. Shes tall, smart, self-sufficient and is pretty much like the cool big sister. This is exactly what Syndra should be in the group of Star Guardians. The calm, collected, somewhat intimidating of girl. If Janna is like the mother hen, then Syndra should be the scary big sis. Rito pls make this happen we dont want Ahri VO we want SYNDRA.

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