The current metaplots and my problem with the lore.

So while I am a fan of the lore in league, there’s something that I’m honestly getting tired of waiting for. Edit: this was supposed to be numbered but phone version sucks. _Progression_ So far it feels like we’re still getting ground work for the basics of the setting. We are getting beginnings, first acts, but I don’t feel there’s a sense of progression. The only stories I feel have progression are Shurima (which feels like the end of act 1) and Bilgewater (which might be in the middle of act 2). More annoying is that it feels like so many champions have their personal stories stuck in the bigger plot of something greater. Now this isn’t actually bad, but it makes me personally feel that we won’t get much character progression until that metaplot is finally laid out. When I say Metaplot, I mean the Overarching Plot of the story. Some of you may think “League has no plot.” And you’re kinda right. It has no single plot. Instead it has several. 1. Noxus vs Ionia Now some of you old Lore Lords will tell me that the Noxus invasion is over. Well I don’t believe so. If anything, it’s just turned into a cold occupation of conquered territories in Ionia (with hints of Swain being on the frontline and Kayn stealing Rhaast from Noxus). What personal plots are effected here? Zed vs Vastaya: getting power from the magic of the land to fight Noxus. Vastaya struggle: the rebellion of Xayah and Rakan against the misuse of their magic and enslavement is their people. Jhin and the ninjas: released from prison by the shadows of the Ionian government (or one of them) as a result of the invasion, Jhin has become the assassin for Ionia, with Shen and Zed hot on his tail. Riven wandering Ionia in seek of redemption, Yasuo finding the one he was blamed for. Swain on the frontlines, leading to political discourse backhome. Especially in releasing Sion once again. 2. Piltover and Zaun struggle (guest starring Noxus). Noxus spies, purple men with cleavers, knife ladies who seek to keep the classes separated, a robot girl trying to find a place, all with two cops, a kid with a time machine, a slime monster, a killer wolf man, two scientists warring (its a big pot). 3. Targon and the Void. Multiple aspects in the span of ten years, the star dragon and the messenger returning to Runeterra, The almighty Janitor of the universe at our doorstep, and void creatures increasing in population as they arrive. 4. Shurima (featuring the void). Azir vs Xerath, Nasus vs Xerath, Nasus vs his brother, Taliyah vs history, Sivir vs destiny, Rammus and Amumu in the background, Ezreal disrespecting tombs, Kassadin hunting void creatures (the void takes a back step here honestly). 5. Bilge water Gangplank returning with a fleet and Miss Fortune trying to not be Gangplank. 6. Demacia _hell if I know actually_ 7. Bundle City _Also, hell if I know_ 8. Freljord **The bloody war of three sisters that involves demigods now** 9. World Runes Ryze hunting for the worlds most dangerous Alphabet Soup and Brand doing the same but for bad reasons. 10. The Shadow Isles. Spooky scary skeletons, centaurs, tin cans, furry reapers, coming down across the sea to spread havoc as Mordekaiser tries to regain his control. Meanwhile Lucian sails there to kill Thresh and free Sena while Yorick sits on his lawn starring at the wall of mist with confusion as Maokai has fun killing zombies. 11. The world tree (which might be connected to Ryze world Runes). TLDR: there are a large amount of metaplots hinted at that we haven’t gotten to explore much because groundwork is still being laid down. Riot, I love Runeterra. But we need to see champions meet and have conflict with each other. There’s a reason why Burning Tides and the Shadow Isles story after it was so great. It has champions meeting at conflicting with each other. It had progression. When will we start seeing more of that? When will we get progression that’s not because of a new champion or rework? #Are there any metaplots I missed?!
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