A small concern(s) for zed's legendary skin.

Hello to whoever is viewing this ticket! Let me begin by saying that I appreciate your time for reading (And hopefully understand) the wonders and concerns I have for zed and his legendary skin. That being said, I wanted to know- Why are there no chromas for zed's legendary skin? I personally think a mixture in color pallets with zed's beautiful illuminated style would shine wonders on the rift, and I'm sure many others would love a chroma option for zed's legendary skin. There have been many chroma releases for legendary skins recently, so as a zed main with 1M , I feel a little left out, and to my good guess, so are other zed mains! My other concern is zed's run animation. When zed runs out of the fountain, there is a special running animation. It's absolutely menacing, scary and violent. It's a wonderful run animation that is only seen when exiting the fountain. It should be a part of his skin through and through, right? Instead, after the cool running animation is over, it's replaced with the "Naruto" run and is now the only run animation that will play after exiting the fountain. It's really a shame that this feature cannot be seen after leaving the fountain. In my opinion, the animation of zed having his blades to his sides (Similar to nocturnes when he is running) is fantastic and really brings out the malevolent intent zed has when running for a roam- or even away for that matter. It's a fantastic animation that is sadly forgotten about and really brings out that "Killer assassin" in zed and not lazy design by returning zed to his "Ninja" style of running. This skin makes zed a galactic killer, so maybe he's past the ninja part? Anyways, I digress. I want it! My suggestion is that we have the ability to toggle between the run animations. I'm sure riot could figure something out! Again, thank you for taking the time to read this. I'm sure it's one of several requests but I've been thinking about this for a long time. I know it's niche and quite possibly easily dismissed as something that could be done, but I do have hope and I believe riot listens to their community. I hope this is considered, forwarded to the creator of the skin or the animation team. Sincerely, - A washed up plat player that loves attention to detail {{champion:238}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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