So can there be anything positive about Demacia?

I genuinly don't get this. The new champ looks cool visually, seems like a bruiser (it better be an ap bruiser) and as much as i cringe everytime i see his name, i'll probably play him. His ideals are neat, fight the power n all that shit is always fun. But i don't get how you managed to make noxus, a country hellbent on waging war, look like nice and accepting people while you make demacia look like an oppressive nation that treats anyone with magic in their blood like lesser humans. Demacia used to be league's version of classic fantasy to me, something i've loved since i was a little kid. Seeing them only be depicted like this lately just sucks. the first paragraph describes magic as an affliction, so shouldn't they be treating mages who willingly surrender as patients? shouldn't they look into ways of getting these people back into society? No just lock em up, welcome to ~~nazi germany~~ Demacia. But while they do this they also have an order of mages. They have a prince playing knight with his dragon girlfriend. And a GIANT FUCKING MAGICAL GOLEM. Them having these things made me believe demacia was trying to change but that it was still in the middle of opening up to magic. I guess i was wrong. Like how am i supposed to even defend garen as a character at this point? My friend told me he was an asshole and his justice wasn't worth shit after he killed the possessed villager . I've always said garen serves what he believes is just, that he could not have known the man was possessed. But when a country hunts down little children because of magic, there's absolutely nothing just about it. There's no point in being the might of demacia at that point. ######how the fuck did ezreal even manage to become a national hero while being a mage. As a quick edit i'd like to link to Warlord Dienekes reply. It explains my concerns better than i could've worded it. I feel like demacia is taking a role in the lore where there's no reason to like them. Noxus shows both it's good and bad sides with it's accepting society and the war vs ionia.
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