Possible Floral Foreshadowing?

Zyra's new biography is out, and summarizes her at the end of the bio: > Unrooted and free to wander, Zyra and her deadly progeny feed, and grow, strangling all other life from the world. She has blighted farmland, overrun entire settlements, and crushed those warriors brave or foolish enough to confront her, always leaving a menagerie of botanical horrors in her wake. Seems like a proper ending right? But there are a few more sentences after that seem disjoined from the rest of the bio, and strangely come after the conclusion. > As the rivers of Shurima begin to run anew, strange flora has been sighted on their banks, spreading slowly westward with each passing season. Whether pulled from the earth or purged by fire, the growth does not seem to be slowing Do you think this is still referring to Zyra? Or was some other plant life emerging from that same magical explosion from which Zyra was born? Check out her full updated biography [here](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/zyra/).
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