IronStylus Says: Deal With It. - I Say: Give us our money back or never get any more from us.

SJW IronStylus says characters will be stylized from now. Really? There's a difference between being stylized and being outright disgusting and amateur looking. What the fuck is this: You think the new one is on the left? WRONG, that hideous thing on the right is the new one. The difference in changes for the other two skins is even more horrendous but I didn't have comparison pictures on hand. **And don't tell me they fixed them on the PBE, it's still 99% the same trash**, it's completely disgusting and even worse on the other 2 skins. They've made it abundantly clear with what they've said that they're keeping this creepy/ugly Disney villain caricature look for Fiora. You can stylize something without it looking like an intern made it to troll someone. I'm not going to bend over and take this one, I want my money back, I own every Fiora skin, I've blown hundreds of dollars on this damn game and I'm not about to watch content get deleted and replaced with garbage that's insanely just described as being "slightly different" or "stylized". It's not in any way, shape or form what I bought, it's nothing the same. Either your company stops quoting bullshit policies about no refunds or don't see a cent from us again. This isn't even getting into the topic that you're essentially deleting a champion and replacing it with an ugly one with the same name that's not at all the same. Sincerely, Enraged customers who think Riot's art style and artist's "deal with it, we're the artists" attitude is bullshit that would end in disaster in nearly any other company. _______________________________________________________________________ As if past butcherings weren't horrible enough (Pentakill skins being demolished), this one is clearly the art team pushing as far as they can and seemingly getting a kick out of how pissed off people are. **Don't take this laying down. Send in ticket after ticket demanding refunds. Don't take no for an answer. Keep sending in tickets until they get the message.** The art team can get away with whatever they want as is abundantly clear from their "fuck you" attitude, but that doesn't mean you should let them take your money too. Edit: Have some more pics, and stop pretending they're fixed on the PBE or being fixed, the new ones still look almost identical to these - Now compare those to the old models and weep. **Edit 2: This needs to be posted, and read more than the title otherwise it's meaningless and comes off as childish nonsense -** The SJW crusade of the art team has been going on for too long. You want to make uglier-than-hell characters? Fine, no one complained about any of them. But STOP GOING BACK AND DESTROYING WELL ESTABLISHED CHARACTERS!
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