[Lore Theory] Braum is the Freljord's Version of Janna.

Tall tales and myths are nothing new in League. In thinking it over, I've come to the conclusion that there is a very real possibility that Braum is a spirit just like Janna. #First, Background Janna, for those who never got the chance to peek her lore, is an elemental spirit of Zaun with power over winds and storms. Her strength comes from the belief of those in Zaun in her, as when she's forgotten she withers and weakens but when they need her most, her power boosts upwards to pretty absurd levels. Janna also defends and helps the unfortunate of Zaun, giving them hope when it seems lost. Overall: Janna is a spirit with powers tied to the people of her land and a very realized idea of "Zaun purity": White clothes, uncorrupted and gentle. #How does Braum fit into this? Just like Janna, Braum is the defender of the Freljord, helping the large and small alike. He's also a very idealized picture of a Freljord man: 6'7", ripped, tattoos, perfect facial hair and an unbreakable shield. Braum is also documented throughout Freljord myth and legend, performing feats that no ordinary human could such as punching through a mountain and saving entire villages from fires. These legends are what give Braum power, as he's constantly drawing from his stories being told and retold. The Freljord is also much more superstitious than Zaun, leading them to put more stock in myths and tales which increase Braum's power even further. It's also why Braum seems ageless: He's always going to be perfect hero in the eyes of the Freljord. #OK but what's his element? Ever wonder why Braum has so many ice thematics despite being a "normal guy"? Ever question why Braum is able to split the earth into a icy crevasse when ulting? How about why his shield seems to create a layer of ice when he puts it forward for unbreakable? Braum is an ice elemental who disguises his useage as feats of strength. You're not frozen solid for a second when his passive procs, he hits you so hard you're stunned. You're not breaking your weapons on a glacier, you're smashing yourself against his unbreakable shield. He's not creating an icy opening in the earth, he's just so strong stomping his feet creates it. Braum knows this as well, which is why he sells it with his physical feats despite not needing to do them. #But what about Janna's Zephyr. Braum doens't have a fam- https://i.ytimg.com/vi/HN4TJsnjnfo/maxresdefault.jpg
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