Yorick and Mordekaiser

Hey guys, had a lore question regarding our resident necromancers. Now obviously new Mordekaiser hasn't been released yet, so we don't know much about him. Maybe if MM sees this topic he can enlighten me. So Yorick is immortal and powered by the black mist. The only thing stopping him from losing his mind and abandoning his flesh to become a mist-undead is the holy water around his neck. Yorick can raise the dead and the maiden using the power of the mist. Mordekaiser willingly embraced undeath and has necromantic powers. They are both undying guys who can raise the dead and wield some dark undeath magic. I guess my main question is if the two ever met, who would be more powerful than the other? If monk spade and mace collided, who would come out on top? Yorick and his mist squad, or Morde and his enslaved undead? Maybe we could get clarification on how their powers differ from one another? What makes Yorick's dark magic different from Morde's? These guys clearly parallel one another (which is awesome).
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