@Riot, about the new Star Guardian skins

Listen, I understand that a business is a business, and profit is key. You get profit more from some markets and clientele than others. But can you make it less obvious that you love certain champions more than others? Ezreal, Soraka, Syndra, Ahri, and MF have so many skins (and yeah, one could argue that some have been around longer than others); but really? Might as well give more skins to Annie, Teemo, Yi, and Tryndamere too while you're at it. Other champs (ie: Cass, Viktor, Illaoi, Yorick, etc) have been put on the back burner for a long while. And yeah, Illaoi is relatively new, but Jhin is newer and has more skins. And I bet with the Swain rework, he won't get a skin for another 6 years. It's like parents playing favorites with one of their children and having the other ones eat mud and sleep in the pantry. Come on. It's so obvious it hurts. (I know I'll be downvoted to the ground, but oh well. That's what happens when someone says an unpopular opinion online.) UPDATE (8/9/17) @10am EST: Holy shit everyone! As of right now, a day after I posted this, this post has 142 upvotes, 327 comments, and 5k+ views. That's INCREDIBLE. I had no idea it would even remotely get this popular, and I just wanna thank most of you! (I say that because with every post there's people that are either trolly or just plain rude. But for the vast, vast majority of you, thank you!) When I made this post, I didn't do it just to have upvotes or to have people blindly agree with me. In the end, this is a post on a discussion board, and there's been a ton of that! In the end, everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I'm humbled that I was able to, in some small way, be a catalyst for discussing a polarizing topic! You've been amazing, and keep discussing! Hopefully Riot will acknowledge however big or small the vocal summoners are, and join in; but if not that's okay too! I want to hear what everyone has to say! Just, please, be civil. Thank you all again! -Taicho
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