Trueshot, An Ezreal mains thoughts on the updates

**Trueshot** Ezreal is my favorite character in league of legends. I choose to play him out of 141 other champions because he is cocky, adventurous, and naïve all at once. The changes to him are not in anyway “wrong”. But I have a love of his current personality and loathe to see him turn into _just another asshole in the League of Legends._ Ezreal struggled to deal with abandonment. Not once has his lore mentioned any close friends. Nor did he seem particularly close to his uncle, who kept him contained and locked down in studies and lectures. His pranks and mischief are likely just a want for attention that he didn’t get having been left behind. Perhaps even more so, they were a way to channel his want for adrenaline and fun. And what fun he had. His lore speaks to his enjoyment of the pranks and mischief he caused. But never shows him to be malicious. He always just wanted to have fun and play around. Relishing in what little adventure he could get. He didn’t want anyone to get hurt, and he didn’t see anyone as ‘beneath him’. He just wanted to see how his parents felt when they were running from danger.. and consequences. Ezreal was a “curious child”. Yet he didn’t want to learn information that someone else already knew. Rather he wanted to learn things that nobody else did. To find and discover mystical artifacts that had long since been forgotten. He is naive in that he doesn’t care about politics or power struggles. He just wants to live in a world in which he is free to see the unknown. Ezreal is my favourite character in League of Legends. He is cocky and naive, and Riot has every single right to change their characters however they like. But I love Ezreal’s character because despite how lonely he is, or how abandoned he must feel. He is still able to innocently enjoy his adventures. For the glory, and the fame. But more than any of that attention he just wants “to answer his true calling: adventure”. So while I would love to see him keep his cockiness, as an Ezreal main and someone who loves his lore. I would **love** to see him retain his childish sense of adventure. Upvotes are much appreciated as they give the opportunity for this discussion to be seen. _Notes_ _I currently have little access to information on the Ezreal changes. I cannot see the majority of his quotes and am unable to reflect on his future lore. Therefore I recognize that I may just be massively overthinking this and will reserve my “judgements” of his update for the future._ _References_ _Ezreal’s Original Lore: _Ezreal’s Current Lore: _Ezreal Gameplay Preview: UPDATE: I'm conflicted, he is absolutely overcompensating. However his joking nature and playful cockiness still seem to be there. He just feels, off kilter. Like something isn't quite right with the way he presents himself.
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