The next Ascended champion...

Something that had been on my mind since the Darkin update and I was reminded of by [BestGamin65's post]( were the Ascended Host of Shurima. We learnt that although the Ascended Host's numbers were whittled down by both the battle for Icathia and the Darkin War, as well as the subsequent imprisonment and slaying of the Darkin, there were some Ascended that were spared of this punishment. Nasus is an example of an Ascended that was spared, I would like to know of other Ascended that survived the Darkin War. I personally would like to see another Ascended from this ancient time added to the Shuriman roster, since {{champion:75}} went into self imposed exile, {{champion:58}} was trapped with {{champion:101}} and {{champion:268}} was only revived recently. This new Ascended could provide a point of view of an Ascended that fought against their brethren to protect the mortal races that couldn't defend themselves, in addition to their own achievements as an Ascended warrior. I personally hope they would be based on Khepri the egytian scarab god, although we now know that the Ascended are not limited to being based on egytian gods. Perhaps you would prefer that the next Ascended is a champion that is chosen by {{champion:268}} (or perhaps by {{champion:101}} even) and undergoes the Ascension ritual in the present timeline, opposed to one from ancient Shurima? What animal would you want the next Ascended to be based on? Who's side would you like to see them on in the Shuriman civil war? What are your thoughts? **** PS: Riot please give us skins that show {{champion:266}} {{champion:141}} (Rhaast) and {{champion:110}}'s (_1820 RP for a VO without Val and Kai_) Ascended forms!!
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