Can we not change the current ones : for THIS ??????! : The ultimate icon is fine . But OMFG twin fangs are disgusting they went from a beautiful piece of art to some Lazy Paint work . Can we fix that , all the other mages get cool icons with perspectives that fit their spells vey well but cassio get the worst . **Can we improve the Q , the W and change the Twin fangs** . OR PLEASE DONT CHANGE IT AT ALL, DONT CHANGE SOMETHING NICE TO A DISGUSTING PARODY As someone who play cassiopeia 90% of the time , i am extremly dissapointed . From these new icons , i rather have no new icons than this joke . And cassio dont need new icons , the current ones are good . the new ones feel so bad . There is** too much purple for no reason** ( only miasma is purple ) , twin fangs looks rly bad and** they dont look like FANGS** , the purple back ground need to go miasma could use some work , the icon is not bad , but the colors can be improved . Noxious blast : the purple back ground need to go , it doesnt look toxic ( poison ) it looks like a fart . Pls change it or dont send it to live because the current one are beautifull , cool and realistic ; it fits cassiopeia spells completly well and they dont need to change to a version who dont even respect cassiopeia .

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