@Riot, given Udyr's new lore, what are your plans for reworks with lore updates in the future?

We know that Udyr is high on the list for rework priority, and since he's the champion to have gone the longest without a skin and was not mentioned as getting one anytime soon, I'm guessing his rework must be right around the corner, coming in the second half of this season or the beginning of the next. However, he just got an official lore update, so what does that mean for when he gets his rework? Will his lore stay as is, will it be updated again, or will he get other lore things, like a short story or two, or even a comic? Last year, we also got both a rework and a short story for Nocturne, another champion who is being highly considered for a rework. However, since he seems to be in a less-urgent state than Udyr (especially visually), I didn't think this question applied, since it might be a bit of time before he gets the rework, and he deserves to have some more lore for now. But whenever it *does* come around, will he get newer lore, expanded lore, or anything else? And lastly, does this mean that champions who are listed for reworks can get lore updates before their rework comes around? I'd be very eager to know more about Kennen and Corki in the Bandle City update, for instance, instead of waiting for their lore when they get their reworks. Similarly, it seems that Malphite is not high-priority for a rework, but like Shaco and Fiddlesticks, who *are* high-priority, he is sorely abandoned in the current lore and doesn't really belong anywhere, yet (even though I have my own theories about what he'll turn out to be). Could we get this lore before he gets a rework or mini-Ezreal-level rework? It seems we'll be waiting a while for it, unless the priority list changes. It'd be great to know about this, especially since we know lore is going to be coming out faster than ever now. {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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