Riot - You are starting a bad trend with Camille.

Camille was intended to be your pass at a female champion who was much older, but retained some of her youthful nature because of her augmentation. As such, the only real thing we had indicating that she's an older woman is her gray hair. You even made a very large point about telling us that she was actually 80 years old in the QA about her. So I've noticed now that every single one of her skins, including the upcoming Invictus Gaming skin, does away with her gray hair. It's kind of counterproductive to who she is as a character to me if you're going to remove all of the elements that supposedly convey her age to us. If you wanted to have made Camille a 20 something young girl, you should have done it. Don't sell us that she's an older, wise woman, only to have all of her skins sell us a brazen young girl with no sense of humor.
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