Project: Pyke is creepily good

PROJECT: Pyke Special Interactions
Special/Hidden/Secret Interactions for the new Legendary Skin, PROJECT: Pyke. Thanks to Riot Games for providing some of the assets in this video! Buy RP & help support the channel via the Amazon Affiliate Link: Shows all the specific first encounters etc PROJECT Pyke has.
The skin is nice and they are still on a long way to probably improve its quality or polish it ( like his basic attack sound effects) The interactions though is what really defines him. He sees everyone as his enemy and speaks like a deranged paranoid person who's always out for revenge on the people who betrayed but he can't remember who. In my opinion I rate this skin** 7 out 10 **in its** current form** because I just **feel like something is missing.** And also he says this to Project VI** "If you wanna help people so much, explain your sister"** so does this mean {{champion:254}} and {{champion:222}} are sisters?
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