@Any Rioter: Sound of Legends

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/5KY1AWevCTA/maxresdefault.jpg So I was looking through the client (Just trying to update myself on any new things I've missed) and I took a peek at summoner spells and saw that at some point new videos were added showing what the spells do and I thought, "The sounds the spells make are very distinct, it'd kind of amazing how iconic they are for me." So I have a question for any Rioters on the sound team, what ARE the sounds of the summoner spells? Like, how did you make those sounds and what were you aiming for with how they sound? Some of them may be obvious with Ignite sounding a bit like a matchstick being lit but what about something like Flash or Teleport, the more abstract spells? Or even beyond summoner spells, what about other sound effects for various champ abilities or monsters?
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