Hello Riot! What are your current thoughts about pairing characters?

Edit: **There has been a POLL at the bottom! Don't be discouraged by the paragraphs** Greetings Everyone! Over the many years of playing League, one of the most amazing and satisfying things to do was read the lore. Even now I get excited each time new lore is added to the world. I also like how Riot has been slowly putting in/confirming pairs in the past year and a half or so, like; Ashe and Tryndamere staying married post the lore retcons and reworks, Xayah and Rakan pretty cool duel new champions added and a massive increase to Vastayan lore, Valmar and Kai within Varus great to see some gay representation and more Darkin lore. This surprised me that stuff like this was happening, so it brought me excitement. However, I would like to ask Riot what their thoughts are about a few pairings, that are either popular or had/have lore hints or in game hints and in general what are your thoughts on pairing already established characters/making a popular/hinted at pair canon. Lets start off with arguably the largest one and a pretty well known one: Garen and Katarina. With old lore stories that no longer remain canon, including the Blitzcrank dating service, and their original bios, there were several hints that they were in a secret relationship. This is supported by In game quotes as well as in the Odyssey trailer Yasuo was reading a Garen x Katarina book(Yes I know Odyssey is a separate universe, but it means it is at the very least thought about). I think out of all the pairs I'll mention this offers the most character development to the character development to their characters, in particular Garen, especially with how he develops in the Garen and Lux story. Zed and Syndra: This is one where some people may not understand, but in the old champion bios, for related champions Zed and Syndra were stated to have some connection that we never really saw. I believe in one of the alternate universes the idea was entertained in like the background of an imagine(correct me if I'm wrong). I notice often when asked about pairings that this one often get brought up, so I am really curious if it has been/will be discussed(I realize you may only be able to respond to this one with a maybe or something) for a future story. Last one I will discuss is Ezreal and Lux: In the original lore I'm 99.99% sure it was canon and then got changed recently, although it still may be canon in the Star Guardian Universe. Is this one often considered for bringing back into the main canon? Ok! So, that was 3 of the larger League pairs, I left a poll on which pair you want to see canon and am interested in Pairs you guys(anyone) like, I'd love to get a discussion going! I love the League lore, but with all the changes it makes me wonder what will happen with stuff a lot of long time players may care about lore wise that doesn't necessarily interfere with the current lore. Anyway love the lore and can't wait for new Darkin lore, keep up the great work! For questions asked I mainly ask toward Riot, but community responses are also wanted or I wouldn't have put a poll and stuff. I also realize I may or may not have answered some of my questions when writing my discussion(Or asked previously recently answered questions ie a couple months), so you can answer specific questions over trying to answer them all. I also apologize for any inconvenience with them and time taken up reading through everything. Edit: I appreciate those of you participating in the poll and those of you who read through this!
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