Riot - Ezreal's VGU: What does this mean for Pulsefire Ezrea?

Riot, with Ezreal's VGU having been announced, this means he's the first champion EVER to have an ultimate skin that's being rebuilt from the ground up with the rest of the skins and animations and everything else. What are your planned directions with Pulsefire? What treats and perks will you do to it to differentiate it from the other Pulsefire skins and also elevate it to Ultimate levels? With GGMF and Exo, how will Ezreal and his AI give us a new experience that isn't given to us with GGMF? This is brand new territory for the champ update team, and the scope of redoing Ezreal + his skins plus basically making an entire new champion of sorts with an Ultimate skin is exciting. How long do you expect it to take doing an Ultimate skin VGU alongside the rest of him?
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