Why Do You Play A Champion?

You'd be living under a rock if you hadn't noticed the effort Riot has put into the world of Runeterra as of late. This IP has grown into something much more than anything we could have imagined and it has easily become my favorite world. I've watched Runeterra grow into what it is today, and I am proud to have been a very small part of its growth, if anything, by playing and enjoying the game of League of Legends. I was curious to see how many people in the community played a champion for their aesthetic and lore solely, and not what's meta or superior at the time. I think that's an unusual concept for most, especially if you're a competitive player and want to stay most relevant in your current role while playing League of Legends. I've played League passionately since its conception, and though League has created many characters that I find interesting, none of them have resonated with me like Garen Crownguard. {{champion:86}} Garen is considered the starter champion because he's fairly simple, but that's not why I enjoy playing him. I've always been drawn to strong and disciplined characters with compassionate hearts and selfless spirits. They fight for those who cannot, and defend the weak with heroic resolve. They are brave heroes who inspire and lead by setting an example for those around them. Call me old fashioned, but Superman & Captain America are my two favorite comic book heroes. People may consider characters like this to be boring, but they truly inspire me to want to be a better person in life. We've seen the hero archetype done with Braum {{champion:201}} ( which I adore him as well! ) and other champions, but Garen has remained my all time favorite character in Runeterra. I really hope to see his story expanded on more in the future. The Demacian laws against magic has me worried about where he might go from here, but something tells me Riot won't disappoint. I am very passionate about Garen as a character in the world of Runeterra, and that's why I play him. No other reason really. Thank you Riot, for creating Garen. ok that's it I just really like Garen guys... Please respond if you play a champion for their lore, and give us reasons as to why! I'd love to hear from you all. =) _"This world needs hope." - Garen Crownguard {{champion:86}} _
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