Queer Champions in LoL Lore

I really want to enjoy playing this game but it's very hard to relate to any of the characters when they're all straight. I honestly don't know why there haven't been any LGBTQ+ characters in any of the lore so far. Is it really that hard to write them in? There have been plenty of confirmed straight relationships. (to the point where everyone gets reminded that GP and Illaoi are a thing when you load in) I'm pretty sure the closest we've gotten to an actual LGBT character is when riot stated in a Q&A that Taric doesn't really care about gender (or something like that) and the couple Riot employees who ship Diana/Leona. Also, didn't someone state that Kayn have a crush on Zed but then someone else came and said he didn't? There are 139 champions (including Ornn) and we don't have a single one who is shown to be Queer in the lore? I understand that relationships, in general, aren't really shown in the Lore of LoL that much but, throw us a bone, please.
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