Analyzing Reav3's indications on future VGUs

Hi everyone ! Last night I tried to get into Reav3’s head by gathering all the infos he’d put on the forums about upcoming champion updates. **I ended up making predictions for the order in which the next 20 champion updates are about to take place.** **At the end of this, I give you my final prediction for the 2019’s champion roadmap, which I think is quite accurate, due to the amount of sources that I’ve gathered.** For my classification, I prioritized the most recent sources (HPT > V > explicit quotes > CP > * ). The older ones date back to 2 years ago, and it’s actually fun to see the developers seem to have shifted from a “Tiers” system to a more linear “priorities” one. There are two lists, the first one for full VGUs, and the second for smaller VgUs or only VUs (in the vein of Ezreal’s and Morgana’s ones, even though Morgana is according to Reav3 still getting a "_full VGU_", probably because her lore and theme are also updated). Btw, I didn’t include Morgana and Kayle in my lists, since we already know they are set to get reworked early 2019. **HPT** "_High priority target_" _CP_ "_Current pool after Alkali/Irelia_” ***** "_Tier 1 candidates_” **V** "_Small gameplay tweaks, major VU_" **Full VGUs** 1. **HPT** _CP_ Mordekaiser “_**very high** on our priority list_” ***** 2. **HPT** _CP_ Fiddlesticks “_**definitely high** on our priority list_” 3. **HPT** _CP_ Mundo “_**high** on our priority list_” ***** 4. **HPT** _CP_ Pantheon ***** 5. **HPT** _CP_ Nocturne “_**pretty high** on our list_” 6. **HPT** _CP_ Rammus ***** 7. **HPT** _CP_ Volibear ***** 8. **HPT** _CP_ Corki “_whenever we get to them_” 9. **HPT** Amumu 10. _CP_ Skarner “_definitely_” 11. _CP_ Udyr “_at some point_” 12. _CP_ Kog’Maw “_whenever we get to them_” 13. _CP_ Cho'gath “_isn't super urgent atm_” ***** 14. _CP_ Shaco ***** 15. Xin Zhao "_at least 1.5 years away_ [i.e min 2019]" ***** 16. Malphite “_definitely borderline Tier 1_” **VgUs/VUs** 1. **V** Jax "_if the Ezreal VgU proves to be a successful product_", “_Tier 2_" 2. **V** _CP_ Kennen 3. **V** Blitzcrank 4. Veigar VU “_talked about_” At this point I looked at the last 2 years to try and guess how many of each will come out in 2019. **2018** : VGUs = Akali, Aatrox, Irelia, Nunu, Swain / New champs = Pyke, Kai’sa / V(g)U = Ezreal **2017** : VGUs = Warwick, Galio, Evelynn, Urgot / New champs = Zoe, Kayn, Ornn, Xayah&Rakan Then, following these indications from Reav3 : “_Next year will likely be more of a 50/50 split like 2017_” (between VGUs and new champs) “_currently we have Ezreal, Kayle, Morgana and 3 other VGUs in early discovery phases_" **My FINAL PREDICTIONS FOR 2019 are :** 4 new champions 3-4 VGUs : {{champion:10}} >{{champion:82}} > {{champion:9}} and/or {{champion:36}} 2 V(g)Us : {{champion:25}} >{{champion:24}} or{{champion:85}} The most likely imo is to get Kayle, Morgana, Mordekaiser (pretty much confirmed) and Fiddlesticks (**because Mundo just got his animations updated**) in 2019 and I’d say a Jax VU (because his current in-game model is worse than Kennen’s one imo). Followed in 2020 by a January/February Mundo update, and a March/April {{champion:80}} or {{champion:56}} update (the latter Reav3 seems very eager to rework due to his strong theme, even though he said 2 weeks ago that Panth was more likely than Noc being heavily reworked soon). Thanks for reading Please be constructive in the comments and hf :)
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