Getting in to the Lore: Bilgewater Guide (Unofficialish) Well hi! I've seen a few players in the past who have become intrigued by the story side of League, and who wonder how to dive in to it. Often the answer we (as the lore-friendly community) give, is simply "Read all of Universe!" which is a little bit hardcore. I want, here to try an experiment in providing a curated 'playlist' of stories and other content that can get a new player up to speed on a particular set of story arcs, in an easy to digest format. With no further adu, a suggested "How to get into Lore: Bilgewater Edition" list of content. ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ #BILGEWATER CURATED READING GUIDE {{champion:41}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:120}} A gruesome tale of betrayal, murder, revenge, power-vacuums, and a bromance best described as ‘complicated’. Featuring **Gangplank**, **Miss Fortune, Twisted Fate, Graves, Illaoi,** and with special guest stars **Olaf, Thresh, Lucian, and Hecarim**. ----- {{champion:41}} **Gangplank: Blood in the Water.** _[Short Story]( (1 minute.)_ A quick look at Gangplank in his element - capturing an enemy ship. {{champion:4}} **Twisted Fate: Double Down.** _[Short Story]( (4 minutes.)_ A high-stakes game of cards gets too rich indeed. {{item:3144}} **Burning Tides Site.** _[Microsite]( Lightly illustrated version of Burning Tides, with an 'explorable' super-wide background image with clickable hotspots for more info. Alternatively, you can read the individual acts on Universe: {{champion:4}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:41}} **Burning Tides: Act 1** _ [Short Story.]( (16 minutes.)_ On the stinking docks of Bilgewater, two old ‘friends’ bump into each other. {{champion:4}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:41}} **Burning Tides: Act 2.** [Short Story]( (13 minutes.) The job goes sour, drawing the attention of two very powerful foes. {{champion:104}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:21}} **Burning Tides: Act 3.** _[Short Story]( (16 minutes.)_ Sacrifices are made and a monster is killed. {{champion:420}} {{champion:41}} **Illaoi: The Burden.** _[Short Story]( (11 minutes.)_ An ex-love needs to be taught a lesson. {{champion:41}} **Burning Tides: Epilogue.** _[Short Story]( (3 minutes.)_ Bilgewater eats itself. {{champion:21}} {{champion:41}} **Miss Fortune: Biography.** _[Short Story]( (4 minutes.)_ The beauty, the legend, the bounty hunter. {{champion:21}} **Miss Fortune: Down Among the Dead Men.** _[Illustrated Short Story]( (4 minutes)_ A wanted man comes to bargain for his brother. {{champion:4}} {{champion:104}} **Twisted Fate: Biography.** _[Short Story]( (3 minutes.)_ The immaculately dressed, magically fortunate, card sharp. {{champion:104}} {{champion:4}} **Graves: Biography.** _[Short Story]( (3 minutes.)_ Graves has three things - his gun, his cigar, and his stubbornness. {{champion:104}} **Graves: One Last Shot.** _[Short Story]( (3 minutes.)_ As quiet as a drink with Graves usually goes. {{champion:21}} **Miss Fortune: Surrender.** _[Animation Experiment]( (2 minutes.)_ Just another day on Miss Fortune’s ship. {{champion:2}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:412}} **Shadow and Fortune: Part 1.** _[Short Story]( (18 minutes.)_ A mugging, a visitor, a funeral, and then the bells toll. {{champion:21}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:236}} **Shadow and Fortune: Part 2.** _[Short Story]( (18 minutes.)_ The ghosts of the past return, and courage runs dry. {{champion:21}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:412}} **Shadow and Fortune: Part 3.** _[Short Story]( (12 minutes.)_ In desperation, they all fall back, and a grieving man turns to fury. {{champion:412}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:2}} **Shadow and Fortune: Part 4.** _[Short Story]( (22 minutes.)_ A fate worse than death, and dawn over the docks. {{champion:420}} **Illaoi: Biography.** _[Short Story]( (4 minutes.)_ The thrice-blessed priestess will hand you your teeth. {{champion:420}} **Trial of the Kraken Priestess.** _[Mini-Game]( (2 minutes.)_ How would you measure up against the great Nagakaborous’s test? {{champion:41}} **Gangplank: Biography.** _[Short Story]( (2 minutes.)_ Brutal, ruthless, and now brought low - the Reaver King himself. {{champion:21}} **Fortune Smiles.** _[Comic]( (6 minutes.)_ In the bloody aftermath, who will rule Bilgewater? ------------------------------------ ##Bonus! Music to accompany your reading! {{champion:41}} **Captain Gangplank.** _[Login Screen]( (2.5 minutes.)_ {{champion:41}} **Gangplank, the Saltwater Scourge.** _[Login Screen]( (2.5 minutes.)_ {{champion:21}} **Captain Fortune.** _[Login Screen]( (1.5 minutes.)_ {{champion:4}} {{champion:104}} **Twisted Fate & Graves.** _[Login Screen]( (1.5 minutes.)_ {{champion:420}} **Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess.** _[Login Screen]( (3 minutes.)_ {{item:3144}} **Bilgewater.** _[Soundcloud Playlist]( (18 minutes.)_ --------- --------- And that's it for now! That should get you up to speed on one of the story arcs in Runeterra. Let me know if this is at all helpful for easing into the bigger world of League of Legends and some of our more connected storylines! :D
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